DIY Autumn Home Decorations


Spring cleaning means a change of decoration, summer is all fresh flowers and light colours and, of course, in winter it’s all about the Christmas tree! But what about autumn? This underappreciated season is one of the best for colours, textures and smells. From the tangible smell of orange, to the feel of a pokey pine cone, to the vibrant red of Autumn berries, there’s plenty to inspire your seasonal home decoration - and it couldn’t be easier to get started!

Americans decorate their homes for Thanksgiving, so why should we miss out on all the fun? Make the most of the season’s bounty, and decorate your home with some of these DIY autumn home decorations.


1. Make your own potpourri

autumn potpourriImage Credit: James Temby

Potpourri is an excellent way to freshen up your house with the earthy smell of Autumn, but if you buy it from a shop, you’re often limited to the choice of mixtures they sell. Why settle for average, when you can make your own mixture at home?

It really couldn’t be easier, and the ingredients are closer than you think! Simply ask your local florist for any dried discarded flowers that they have left over, or have a look in your garden or local green spot for any aromatic plants. Potpourri is an excellent decor trick as it’s practical as well as pretty:

  • Tuck sachets into drawers to keep clothes and possessions from smelling musty.
  • Add collected conkers, acorns and pinecones to the mixture for different textures and tones.
  • Slot a few tealight candles into the bowl to light up the mixture.


2. Paint leaves gold

diy autumn leavesImage Credit: Shari's Berries

Nothing puts the luxury into Autumnal home décor more than the colour gold; it’s warm and welcoming, but draws the eye and stands out from normal ornaments. Next time you’re out for a walk in the park, on your lunch break, or heading home at the end of the day, stop to pick up a few leaves that have interesting shapes. Gather up a good quantity because there are plenty of different ways to use them:

  • Leaves with the most detail can be painted gold and put in rustic frames to hang on your walls.
  • Boost your sofa’s style and try printing gold leaf designs onto plain cushion covers.
  • Simple and beautiful, gold leaves make a minimalist decoration to a laid table; place one on each of the plates, or one inside each empty wine glass (before they’re filled!)


3. Decorate with seasonal squash

autumn decorationsImage Credit: info-graz

Squashes are the unsung heroes of Autumn. Often overshadowed by pumpkins, these humble vegetables come in a number of quirky shapes and sizes. There are plenty of different varieties to choose from, and each squash has a different colour and taste, and because they’re not as well-known as the pumpkin, they can fit into any Autumnal decoration, even when it’s not Halloween!

  • Brighten up a bare shelf or spare kitchen bowl with a colourful assortment of squashes.
  • Take back Halloween and use squashes instead of pumpkins for your festive Jack o’ lanterns.
  • Squashes are of course vegetables, so you can eat them as well. Nothing says Autumn like a tasty squash recipe – even the children will love it!


4. Dehydrate orange slices

autumn homeImage Credit: Anita

What’s so great about a dehydrated orange slice? Lots! Classically, these dried slices are used for Christmas tree decorations, and they’re still a classic today; it’s a great way to bring nature and colour into your home. But they’re more than just a decoration. Not only do they look good, they smell great, taste great, and orange is the perfect Autumnal colour to add to your décor.

  • Tuck your orange slices into the bottom of glass candle holders to complete the rustic home look.
  •  Oven dried and seasoned, they make the ultimate Autumn snack or hot beverage decoration.
  • Add them to your homemade potpourri mixture for an added zesty smell.


5. Press some leaves

autumn leavesImage Credit: Sean Kirkpatrick

If you’re looking to make the most of natural designs in your home, you can’t go wrong with leaves. Autumn is the best season for leaves; they have beautiful bright colours and are lying right at your feet! Some of the best patterns and colours come from the natural world and you can bring that into your home simply by pressing leaves. Once you have your pressed leaf, there are plenty of ways to show them off. As well as the traditional framed pictures, you can:

  • Create a unique homemade bookmark.
  • Decorate each of your greetings cards with a different type of leaf.
  • Mark your seating plan cards.


6. Potato print your own art

autumn artImage Credit: Jimmie

Potatoes are great; roast them, mash them…print with them? Yes, that’s right, the potato is not just a vegetable, it’s a bona fide art tool! If you find yourself with one too many potatoes – or one that’s seen better days – simply chisel it into a seasonal design and get printing. You can save money by not buying print shapes from the shops, and you can make your own particular designs.

  • Try a range of different potatoes – longer spuds will suit certain designs more than round ones.
  • Brighten your table cloth with Autumnal prints.
  • Go one step further and decorate the Christmas wrapping paper yourself – no one will be tearing that in a hurry!


7. Paint some acorns

acorn decorationImage Credit: Vanessa

This is a fun activity that’s great for passing the cold evenings. Painting acorns, instead of just displaying them, is the perfect way to express your own style and colour preferences, and bring nature and style together. It’s a good idea to lightly bake your acorns first to harden them up before painting. Have a think about what kinds of colours you want: bright primary colours, shiny metallic, or even patterns? Acorns are simple and small, but the little splash of colour in your home won’t go unnoticed.

  • Bowls of painted acorns can be displayed on coffee tables or on a bedside table in a guest room.
  • You can try attaching your acorns to present labels.
  • If you’re feeling crafty, try painting pinecones to go with your acorn collection.


8. Decorate your table

autumn tableImage Credit: Rob Bertholf

When you think of centrepieces, do you think of over the top displays that take up a lot of table space? That has been the tradition, but these days, simple and elegant style centrepieces not only look better, but they’re also easier to make! This is where you can add any of your other DIY Autumn decorations:

  • A squash or two adds a quirky angle – try using your Jack ‘o lantern squash to light up the dinner table.
  • A pinecone and a few painted acorns will add a touch of bright colour.
  • Don’t forget your Autumn leaves – mix it up by including both your pressed and gold painted designs.


9. Make a berry wreath

autumn wreathImage Credit: Abigail Batchelder

The season for the door wreath is upon us – even if Christmas is still a way off! Instead of going with the average evergreen and holly design, why not try something colourful and creative, with a berry wreath? Sure, you can hang one on your front door, but there are plenty of other places to show off your seasonal decoration.

  • Hang your wreath on a lonely banister rail and bring colour to your staircase.
  • Use it as a simple but beautiful centre piece for dinner parties.
  • Use it to frame for a scrumptious festive cake!


10. Create an Autumn centrepiece

autumn centrepieceImage Credit: rfduck

Having a fixed centrepiece can often save time when it comes to laying a beautiful table for family and friends, and this is the best season for collecting bright and beautiful pieces to fill it. For the most part, a nice mixture of fruit, vegetables and plants will bring the humblest table alive with seasonal style.

  • The more colourful, the better – orange, red, yellow and green all stand out well.
  • Don’t be afraid of using twigs or stalks; they add the rustic natural look to your centrepiece.
  • Scoop the mixture together in a bowl, on a plate, or under a cake lid to keep it all together.


11. Dry flowers

autumn flowersImage Credit: labenord

There’s nothing wrong with flowers that are technically dead; some of the best bouquets are made from dried out plants that have kept their shape and colour. There are a number of ways you can choose to dry out your favourite flowers – as well as simply leaving them in the vase! Not only do dry flowers add to your seasonal home decoration, you don’t have the added hassle of remembering to water them!

  • Spare jam jars, jugs and even tin cans make excellent alternative vases.
  • You can press spare flowers, along with your Autumn leaves, for card decorating.
  • When in doubt, add them to your centrepiece!



At this time of year, the weather’s starting to turn cold, the nights are getting longer, and it can be tempting to just huddle up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. But why not indulge your creative side, using the best that nature can give. Pick up a handful of leaves or acorns, dig out your paints, and spend an evening or a rainy afternoon brightening up your home with a truly one of a kind decoration. And then have a mug of hot chocolate on the sofa!

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