Why Doesn't My Living Room Feel Right?


Do you have a living room that just doesn't feel 'right'? Take a look at these common living room issues that could be causing you trouble.

right living room

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Do you have one of those living rooms that just does not feel right? You have tried everything from loading up the sofas with comfy pillows and blankets to getting a bigger television. But nothing works. Just simply sitting in the room is awkward and it's very difficult to relax and really enjoy the space.

So what is it about your living room that just doesn't feel right? It could be one simple factor, or it could be many. Take a look at these common living room issues that could be causing you trouble.

Right under your bum

Love the look of your living room but can't figure out why you hate it the second you sit down to relax? It's probably your sofa cushions. Whether your sofa set is new or old makes no difference, either. The quality, material, and density of your sofa cushions can mean the difference between comfort and agony. If they are too dense then the sofa tends to be hard to relax into. If the cushions are too soft and not filled properly then it can feel as if you're sitting on an old lumpy pillow. Consider investing in some nice foam sofa cushions that are the perfect density for your comfort level.

Level with me 

We human beings are all different. Some of us are tall, some are short. So why do we mount or place our televisions at the same height? If you (and your family) are taller than average, then your television should be mounted higher and vice versa for shorter people. Always make sure the centre of your television is level with your line of sight when you are seated. Neck and shoulder pain is never fun!

Clutter, clutter, everywhere! 

How do you expect to enjoy a living room that is stuffed full of clutter? Your brain will never relax and, therefore, neither will your body. Chuck out the old magazines piled up on the tables, limit yourself to one throw blanket, keep kid's toys in a trendy lidded ottoman and invest in drawers or a cabinet for all of those games and DVD's, etc. Get the point? Look around your living room and really look at the clutter that could be preventing you from enjoying the space.

clutter living room

Image by Gail Frederick

Light it up

One of the most common reasons why people think their living room doesn't feel right is proper lighting. Yes, lighting. And it's not as easy as sticking a floor lamp in the corner. You need proper lighting in every room, not just the living area. If you get too much natural sunlight during the day to actually sit in the living room, then invest in some nice light filtering blinds or thick drapes to limit the amount of sunlight coming in. If natural light isn't your issue then maybe it's artificial light, most likely a lack of. After all, who wants to sit in a dark and gloomy room? It's actually unhealthy for your eyes to sit in a dark room while staring at a bright screen – it’s a sure recipe for eyestrain. Table lamps, floor lamps, and proper overhead task lighting are the key. And the one thing to keep in mind when arranging light fixtures is to make sure the light is never in your face. Lighting should highlight focal points, task areas, and dark corners.

nice living room

Image by Emily May

Too big for comfort

Sofa cushions, check. Television height, check. Clutter cleaned up, and lighting perfect, check. So why does your living still not feel right? Take a look at the size of your furniture. Yes, the big comfy couch is a delight, but if it fills up the entire living room area then you're in trouble. Every room should have a natural flow for traffic. If you can't enter the living room and walk around comfortably without bumping into furniture then it's time to reconsider your setup. Furniture that is too small for the space can also be a common issue. If the furniture is skimpy and lacking then the whole room feels incomplete. Once you have the size issue taken care of, take a look at the actual placement of your furniture. Sofas should be arranged around conversation (the coffee table) or around entertainment (the television), depending on what you use the space for. Have proper places for you and your guests to rest their food and drinks while sitting in the living room to ensure comfort and enjoyment.

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