Duck Feather Sofas


For those of you looking for a sofa that you can truly collapse into, there is simply no substitute for a duck feather sofa. Whilst some fillings such as horse hair have thankfully not stood the test of time, duck feathers are as popular now as ever.

Of course sofas are not all as prim and proper as they once were. The days of stiff three piece suites with rigid foam seats are increasingly a thing of the past. Our tastes have changed, and so too have our sofa fillings. Increasingly we want a super soft seat to disappear into instead of sitting on top. And that’s were feather filled sofas come into their own.

malvern roomset

Malvern Range from SofaSofa 

Choose your Feathers Wisely

Okay, so it’s not as simple as skinning a cat (or duck). Duck feathers used in upholstery should come from the body not the wing of the bird. Why? Well, body feathers have a natural bend or curve that prevents them from lying flat. This gives the cushion bounce. A cushion made using lower grade flight feathers or chopped feather will be cheaper but will not last as long or provide sufficient support.

Also, if you don’t like being pricked every so often by a rogue feather, your feathers should be no longer than 6cm in length. Long quills are uncomfortable and any good supplier will only use short feathers with small shafts of between 4 to 6cm.

hobbs sofa

Hobbs Sofa with Moulded foam seat cushions with duck feather casing 

Feeling Down?

If you’re feeling in need of some real luxury, then make sure there’s some Down in your cushions. Down is the softest and finest feather type available. Many premium cushions such as the award winning Encore supplied by SofaSofa include at least 10 percent of Down feathers.

Sweet not Sour Duck

As a natural product all feathers need to be thoroughly washed and sterilised before use. Usually feathers are steamed at high temperatures of 145 C then washed in detergent and then air dried. This process cleans and kills any viruses that may be present. It also makes sure your cushions aren’t, well, a bit ducky smelling.

Feather, Foam, and Fibre

Increasingly, many sofa suppliers are offering a combination of feather and foam or feather and fibre cushions. The addition of a foam core with a feather wrap gives the cushion increased resilience and support. Man made hollow fill fibres are also included to add body to the cushion. Your sofa supplier should be able to offer you several options of fillings and advice to fit your particular requirements.  SofaSofa offers a large variety of feather, foam and fibre mix cushions to suit your posterior needs.

kipling duck feather sofa

 Kipling 3-seater sofa with duck feather scatter cushions 

Our Feathered Friend

Whilst feather cushions can be super luxurious to some, they aren’t for everyone. If you value a firm, supportive sit then Foam cushioned sofas are probably a better option. But if you want to own a sofa that you can hide in, get feathered!

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