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For many of us, choosing a sofa isn't just about finding the right colour or size for our room. With global warming in the news, we all have a personal responsibility to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. And whilst sofa manufacturing doesn't necessarily involve the willful burning of mountains of fossil fuels, there are important considerations to take into account none the less.

Florence Velvet SofaFlorence 3 Seater Velvet Sofa - At SofaSofa all our sofas are made with non-tropical hardwood frames.

Sustainable Wood

First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure that the wood used in constructing your sofa frame is environmentally sound. Look for non tropical woods such as European beech or birch sourced from sustainable forests. These woods are properly managed and replaced as part of an ongoing sustainable business. They are also extremely strong and perfect for creating sturdy sofa frames.

Mia Velvet SofaMia 3 Seater Velvet Sofa - At SofaSofa all our sofa frames are handmade with non-tropical hardwood

Sofas Made In Britain

The second most important factor is the source of your new sofa. Was it made locally, or 5,000 miles away in China? UK made products will undoubtably have a much smaller environmental impact because of the limited distance they have had to travel from the manufacturer to your home. Imported furniture, whether from Eastern Europe or East Asia will have travelled huge distances, by lorry and boat burning up significant amounts of diesel and coal.

Mia Velvet SofaChesterfield Leather Sofas Made in Britain

UK Eco Laws

In addition to the considerable fuel cost of imported products, it is also important to question the limited environmental constraints placed on sofa factories outside the UK. As part of the European Union, the UK is governed by strict environmental guidelines and goals. UK sofa manufacturers are obligated to limit their waste in compliance with these initiatives.

Unfortunately, in East Asia, a primary exporter of sofas to the UK market, such environmental restraints do not exist, and what constraints that are in place, are routinely ignored.
Even in some member states of the European Union, compliance with environmental laws are still considered a work in progress.

Without exception, all SofaSofa sofas are made in our workshop in South Wales, so you can be guaranteed of a locally made and beautiful new sofa when you buy direct from us.

SofaSofa Story

Natural Leathers

If you are really intent on keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum, why not consider our real leather sofas?

Many fabric and leathers have to go through several chemical processes in their manufacture. This includes the application of a fire retardant chemical barrier to many man made fabrics to comply with UK fire retardancy laws. When you buy a real leather sofa, no chemical barrier needs to be added.

Family Business

Our responsibility is not just limited to ensuring our lovely new sofas have reduced environmental impact. At SofaSofa, most of our team of expert craftsmen have been with us since we started in 1981. Discover more about SofaSofa.

In the UK labour laws and minimum wages have been in place for a good number of years now but imported sofas are often made in poor working conditions, by an exploited and underpaid workforce abroad.
When buying British you can be sure that your sofa has been made in an environmentally considerate factory by a properly remunerated workforce. You will also be contributing to the continued success of UK manufacturing.

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