Which House Plant is Right for Your Home?


We all like a little bit of nature in our houses. House plants are a stress-free way of bringing something natural to your home, and most of the time they require very little effort to keep them healthy. Not only do they look good, but it’s been proved that keeping house plants give more air to a room – literally (they essentially breathe out oxygen which we breathe in). They've also been shown to help us work better for having greenery around us. So which house plant is better suited to your home? We've pulled together a selection of plants that fit easily into home life.


Mini Cacti and Succulents

8371959846_6f18198874_zImage Credit: Sonny Abesamis

These mini plants are favourites of bloggers and we can see why – they’re so cute! These prickly little plants are perfect for popping on a sunny shelf or on a side table near a window. Slightly bigger types like the Hatioria  gaertneri (the Easter Cactus), can produce beautiful flowers. Cacti and succulents naturally occur in desserts or more sparse regions, living off little water - which makes them great for any busy, working household.

Caring for Your Cacti

Caring for your Cacti is pretty simple. All they require is:

  • General watering
  • Minimal pruning
  • Half shade – direct sunshine

They are better suited to a room with plenty of light like the sitting room, or a south facing windowsill. Your cacti and succulents will need drainage so put some soil over a layer of gravel.

Potting Ideas

cactus potsImage Credit: Stacie

Try a range of different sized pots to vary your display. Different cacti and succulents will produce different colours and some will flower, but their simple appearance goes with just about every container.

cactiImage Credit: Elisa Self

A matching set of pots can fit neatly into your sitting room. A plain and simple colour and design won’t draw attention from the theme of your sitting room whilst showing off the colour and texture of your cacti!

14543999464_cda9eaf97a_zImage Credit: que ondà/microonda

You needn't rely on your local garden centre to give you designs for your plant pots. Get crafty and create your own personalised plant pot scarves! There are dozens of designs online, or get together with some friends and create your own.


Edible Plants

4615709577_72f0d2afd3_zImage Credit: Suzette

You don’t need an allotment, or even a garden, to grow your own food. It makes sense to put edible plants in your kitchen, above the sink or on a sunny shelf by the pots of food. If you have a conservatory or a kitchen windowsill, there are some vegetables like tomatoes or beans – sweet peas will also give you gorgeous flowers.

Caring for Your Edible Plants

Each different plant will require different things, but what’s kept them in people’s kitchens all these years are the basics:

  • Regular watering
  • Pruning (it encourages them to grow and encourages you to cook!)
  • Sunshine

Potting Ideas

536846759_00c56d4dba_zImage Credit: Tim Patterson

Old plastic cups are perfect for growing seeds from scratch. They’re also easy to move if you decide to put them in a different place. You’d be surprised at the variety of edible plants you can grow inside your own home.

9159220880_221029684d_zImage Credit: Donna Tomlinson

Edible plants won’t take up all of your time to grow, but they will be fresh, and taste all the better for having grown them yourself! Keeping your plants in groups e.g. an herb shelf, will make it easier when you go to find a new flavour for that spaghetti bolognese.

2311828477_e13c7b1b39_zImage Credit: ripplestone garden

Most home and furniture stores will have simple herb and plant pot sets - perfect for keeping little selections on a shelf or coffee table. Fragrant herbs like mint also go well in a bathroom for extra fragrance.

15193866230_8e58b57b91_zImage Credit: Tnarik Innael

What better place to display your edible house plant than on the dinner table! Plants like mint, basil, or rocket have edible leaves than you can pick and nibble, and they smell nice too.



25586551071_06df964921_zImage Credit: liz west

If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your home, flowers are a great option. We spend a lot of time in our four walls, and it can quickly become stale and boring. A vase of fresh flowers bring a flash of colour and a breath of sweet air into your room. Flowers are widely available in supermarkets, stalls and even your local petrol station.

Caring for Your Flowers

The great thing about flowers is most types are happy to be put in a vase of water. Things to remember are:

  • Give them plenty of sunshine
  • Cut about an inch off the stalks before putting them in the vase
  • Remember to top up the water regularly

Potting Ideas

9090127853_dd5d260f86_zImage Credit: John Bonham

Have a look around your local shops. Charity shops are a hidden treasure of the high street for finding unusual designs. Perhaps your town has a ceramics artist? Local secondary schools teach Art, and most will put on a show. Go along to support new student work and you could be going home with a uniquely designed vase for your flowers!

3824185139_068fcbdcfe_zImage Credit: julie

Stuck for a way to use those old jam jars? Why not divide a big bunch into lots of little jars of colour. Placing them all around the house will give a sense of consistency to your décor. The transparent jar will allow sunshine to filter through it, adding pleasant shadows and a lightness to even the pokiest of rooms.

14754365373_6bbbe19f7e_zImage Credit: katrina.alana

Sometimes simpler is better. For more rustic bunches of flowers, a simple pot will better show off their natural vibrancy. Have a check in the garden shed for unused buckets, especially tin ones that can reflect the light better. It’s a trouble-free way to getting a rural look to your house.

3863803411_8454405841_zImage Credit: Caroline

Flowers are a fail-safe centrepiece. Consider putting another colourful aspect – such a fruit – on the table in contrast to them. Pinks and oranges, blues and yellows; each colour will help bring out the other to its best effect.


Large House Plants

8083486437_069a407926_zImage Credit: F. D. Richards

Larger house plants are great for filling a corner or empty hallway in your home. They provide a different texture to the average smooth walled house, and stand out from the usual small pots that dot around most homes.

Caring for your large house plant

Large house plants have different needs. Find a space that will allow it flourish without getting in your way. Bigger plants will need bigger pots and good soil so remember:

  • A corner or hallway that gets at least a bit of sunlight every day
  • An extra container at the bottom of the main pot for drainage
  • Regular watering – just enough so you can see a little water draining out

Potting Ideas

9311539652_ce5e393787_zImage Credit: iris

Some of your bigger plants can be put next to the smaller ones for a contrast of sizes. A good idea is to tier them on two levels – handy if you have some spare shelf space to fill!

1544064275_a7b4d666c2_zImage Credit: Peter Hellberg

Create your own urban jungle by going for taller plants in your window. You and your guests are more likely to notice the bigger plants. They’re also great for masking a view of a busy road whilst still letting the light in.

9308755795_74ae131c2f_zImage Credit: iris

One of the best places you can put your larger house plant is in your office. Studies have shown simply having plants around your work environment can help your productivity and concentration. On a simpler note, it’s a nice to look up to something green and natural when you take a break from looking at paperwork!

12230709343_727b3d224c_zImage Credit: Lyle Vincent

Likewise, put your plants in rooms you go in a lot. Benefits of house plants include helping prevent itchy throats, coughs and even colds! The more people that go in the room where the plants are, the less likely they are to get ill.


Any one of these plants are easy to fit into your house design – or all of them! When it comes to keeping house plants, the more is definitely the merrier, the tastier, and the healthier. With little requirements to keep them happily maintained, the benefits of keeping your home fresh and green definitely outweigh the chore of a little watering and pruning every now and then!

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