The Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2017


Well, here we are - a brand new year is well and truly underway, providing the perfect opportunity for you to mix things up your home. If you overdosed on hygge in 2016, then don’t worry, there are some brand new style must-haves to sink your teeth into. Say goodbye to copper and marble too!

Last year’s themes are old news, and this year brings a whole new variety of interior design trends to embrace. So read on to find out more about our favourite four trends that are guaranteed to bring your house up to date in 2017.

Blue Tones

blue sofaRio 2 Seater Sofa by SofaSofa

Following on from Pantone’s Serenity, their airy blue colour of the year for 2016, blue is the hue again for 2017. These on-trend versatile, softer, tones will work well in any room of your home. So whether you want a room to be bold and vibrant ,or calming and tranquil, there is sure to be the right blue hue to add depth to your home.

In fact, Dulux have named Denim Drift, a beautiful soft blue tone with subtle hints of grey, as their colour of 2017. Find out how to implement it in any room of your home.


Home Technology

interior design trendsImage Credit: William Iven

The future is now. Every year, home technology comes on leaps and bounds and offers us exciting new developments. 2017 will be no different, and could even be the year that the 'Internet of Things' really comes into its own. Smart homes and the IoT have been predicted for a few years now, but with Google, Amazon and Apple entering the market, 2017 could be the year your home becomes a whole lot wiser. Here are 4 reasons why:

Smart speakers and assistants

Smart speakers and virtual assistants, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, can connect to a variety of appliances in your home and give you useful information such as weather forecasts and recipes, so they’re a great addition to your living room or kitchen. Soon you should even be able to control Samsung’s robot vacuum, your fridge and oven with just your voice. What a beautiful excuse to be lazy!

4K TV bringing your favourite shows to life

If you're a professional couch potato, then you’re in luck. 2017 is the year of 4K TV, which offers four times the resolution for standard high-def TVs - so watching your favourite Netflix shows could become an even bigger and more immersive experience.

Everything being connected

If you truly want to embrace the smart home trend, then you can look no further than Samsung’s SmartThings, which can connect the devices in your home. One such device is Nest, a smart thermostat that can regulate the temperature in your home and could give you a very energy-efficient 2017. On top of that, you could invest in interactive windows respond to climate changes inside and outside your home, or even a smart fridge that tells you what’s in your fridge and expiration dates.

Perfect toast

On a simpler note, are you tired of burning your toast in the morning? Then this smart toaster could be just the thing to keep your kitchen smelling free from burnt crusts! That’s right, in 2017 there could be a device in every room of your home for every occasion.


Standout Rugs

decorating trends 2017Image Credit: ErikaWittlieb

In 2017, statement rugs are going to be a big deal. Interior designers are increasingly making the once-humble floor rug a focus for their talents, and area rugs that double as art can make an instant impact on a room. Regardless of whether you have a rustic hardwood floor or a comfy carpet, a standout area rug will always be able to transform and add style and personality. In fact, area rugs can do as much for you in terms of dictating style as you would like them to.

While your (denim drift) sofa is going to be understated and subtle, an area rug allows you to add colour, creativity and texture to the room, with minimal effort. As the largest design element in a room, they can steer the overall feel of a room and in that respect, area rugs can make a room come alive. The only downside to area rugs is that there are so many different styles to choose from! The hue, pattern and texture are all important considerations. When choosing a rug for a room, you need to ensure it is bold enough to stand out but not so bold that it will look dated before the end of the year.

A great rug should be considered an investment for your home interior. If you’ve decided to completely redesign a room for 2017, you should probably choose a rug first. This is because it will be the main impact piece that ties everything else together - and it will save you searching high and low for one that matches the rest of your décor.


Urban Oasis

6312696569_7ef3f00f5a_zImage Credit: David

This year, interior design influences will be prevalent outdoors. So leave the hustle and bustle of the day behind you, and create a relaxing and stylish haven by extending your living area into your garden. Here are the garden trends to look out for to build your very own urban oasis:

Outdoor feature walls

Feature walls are becoming a prominent garden trend, as large blocks of a green or soft blue tone, set against modern paving, can set off the other hues of your garden. Outdoor feature walls can create a classic style, and make your outdoor living space seem more geometric. If you’re feeling particularly expressive, you could even create complementary and contrasting colour blocks to show your personality outdoors, and turn your garden into an art installation.

Traffic patterns and focal points

Interior design often works around one crucial element, such as a sofa or your area rug, and this gives your eyes something to focus on whilst the other elements of the room support the piece. In 2017, apply that same principal to your garden and outdoor living spaces by using a central focal point such as a pond or fountain to arrange furniture around, and giving something interesting to catch the eye.

Your outdoor living space will also be a more harmonious, tranquil environment if you create traffic patterns for easy navigation to your focal point and other areas. You can do this in various ways, such as laying formal walkways or paths and planting shrubs or trees that can establish corners and boundaries.

Minimalist, zen style

In 2017, we’re going to see a return to simplicity and minimalism with outdoor living spaces providing uncluttered, tranquil surroundings. Although minimalism is nothing new, there will be a renewed shift back towards the zen gardens of Japan, with an emphasis on order, simple lines and low maintenance plants.

To adopt this approach, keep your garden paving simple and straightforward with clean designs and finishes, such as Indian or pale sandstone, and keeping hardscaping pristine. When choosing plants, less is more and each potted plant should have a purpose, whether it is a visual boundary or a focal point.


Mixed Materials

decorating trends 2017Image Credit: Stephen

The final interior design trend that can you use to bring your home décor into 2017 is mixing materials. By that we mean mixing and matching contrasting materials such as wood, fur and fabrics to give a unique style to any room.

We know that a lot of people may be hesitant to mix and match their interior design, as they fear it may make their room like a disorganised, chaotic mess - but don’t worry, because there are two key ways to implement this trend to ensure you still have a cohesive design:

Mixing patterns

When it comes to mixing materials, patterns are usually the first things you think of. This is a good thing as they are adept at infusing colour and visual interest into your rooms, and you can apply them to any surface, from your walls to your furniture and cushions.

The key thing to remember when infusing this trend into your home is that your patterns need to have a few common elements to tie them together. For example, this could mean using patterns that share the same colour palette.

Also - be cautious not to overdo it. A good rule of thumb is to not incorporate more than patterns in the one room, and visually and physically spacing them out so they don’t cause sensory overload.

Mixing textures

Texture is crucial when it comes to adding visual weight to a room and blending materials. Rough textures can often add more weight to a room than smooth textures, and by combining the two you get the best of both worlds, with a warm and welcoming, yet sleek look.

As well as textiles like throw blankets and plush cushions, you can also add texture by adorning your walls with paintings and artwork.



So there you have it. If you want your home to be a stylish, modern hub in 2017, these are the trends that you might consider implementing. Whether it’s embracing the soft blue tones of the year by investing in a new sofa, or asking Alexa how to make a Thai green curry, there are plenty of ways to adapt your home to make it a refreshingly modern living space!

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