Mid-Year Trends in Sofa Design


Well, we made it. We’ve finally crossed the bridge and welcomed in the second half of 2017. All told, the first half of the year has been a strange one, and we feel some creative relief is needed.

So, we think it’s high time we turned our attention to something a little lighter (and arguably more important) – interior design. Back in January, we made some bold predictions for what sofa design trends would be bang-on-trend in 2017.

One of the great things about our industry is how customers give us instant validation, about whether we’ve accurately judged their tastes and desires. That’s because the customer is, and always been, king. They speak with their feet, and they speak with their wallets.

So, as we cross the threshold into the second half of the year, let’s reflect on what the Great British public is loving in sofa design in 2017 so far.



In our interior design trend forecast for 2017, we confidently predicted that blue tones would be this year’s standout hit, and we’ve largely been proven right. However, what’s taken us a little by surprise is just how paramount Grey tones have been this season. Grey colours create a neutral backdrop, which work well in just about any home setting, bringing instant sophistication and chic elegance to your space. Choosing a grey tone sofa might just be the safest sofa investment you can make – we just don’t see it becoming dated any time soon.



Softgrain Grey Marino Leather Sofa




Each year, the boffins at Dulux examine the emerging trends in fashion, interior design, and architecture. Earlier this year they proudly announced ‘Denim Drift’ as their Colour of the Year. Described as a soft, versatile shade of grey-blue, it’s reminiscent of a pair of faded Levi jeans. Denim Drift and similar tonal shades of blue are so adaptable that they can be used in practically any room of your home to create a bold statement look or, conversely, give a tranquil, peaceful feeling. We’ve certainly seen our Austen Sofa in Flanders Blue prove to be a popular choice during the first half of the year.


Flanders Blue Austen 3 Seater Sofa



Who saw this coming? Well to be honest, some prominent interior designers foretold its arrival, and how right they were. Terracotta has been one of the hottest interior trends during the first half of 2017. Earthy tones provide a great way to introduce subtle colour into muted schemes, so they work brilliantly in minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired homes. Terracotta is warming and calming, so it’s just the ticket in these hectic and turbulent times. Expect to see terracotta and similar earthy tones like cinnamon, sand, and olive green, stay prominent for the foreseeable future.



Polo Terracotta The Monaco Grand Sofa



The early part of 2017 saw a resurgence of wonderful vintage, such as raw wood, leather bound books and nostalgic fabrics and finishings. A trend of bringing your individual personality to bland canvasses is developing, with the return of patterned flooring, and the use of bolder, brighter colours. The Wilmington Leather Sofa is ideal for homeowners who want to create a vintage look that reflects the quirkier elements of their own personality. It all serves to create a stylish, welcoming vibe in your home.



Vintage Oxblood/Terracotta The Wilmington Leather Sofa



So, there you have it. Six months down, these are the key sofa design trends we’ve observed. We will of course continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of the ever-stylish UK, and will bring you updates at the end of the year.

Just remember, when it comes down to it, the most important thing about your sofa is that it looks and feels great. Whatever the latest “trend”, choose a sofa that reflects your personal style, one that compliments your beautiful home and has that all-important ‘snuggle factor’ to it.

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