Modular Sofa Units


Here at SofaSofa, we love a sofa you can really stretch out on – the more leg room, the better, we think. But more than that, we love a sofa that promotes conversation and togetherness – which is what a modular sofa unit is all about!

Perfect for just about any large room, from living rooms to open plan apartments, a modular sofa's classic L-shaped design provides the perfect seating arrangement for parties, family evenings  or just stretching out.

Small or Large?

modular sofa unit

Domino Modular Sofa by SofaSofa 

As most people know, modular sofas work fantastically well in large rooms. Not only do they provide valuable seating space for guests, they are also the ideal room divider if you want to split your open plan space into different “zones”.

That said, there’s a bit of a misconception that modular sofa units only work well in larger rooms. In fact, they can also be a very nifty seating option when space is at a premium – and in some cases, are probably the only way you’ll get all of your guests seated comfortably in a tiny apartment.


Choosing a Modular Sofa Unit Design

When deciding on a modular sofa, measurement is key. Decide how you want to use the room, the position of the modular in relation to the TV and other furniture and crucially if you will be able to open the door!  Do you need a longer left hand or right hand section? Do you prefer a chaise end to an arm?  Modulars can offer great seating space but you do need to give some thought to the perfect shape for your room. Modular sofas  are usually available in a number of size options so once you have worked out your sizes then all you need to decide is style and colour! And of course if you want your new modular in fabric or leather…

sienna modular sofa

Sienna Modular Sofa by SofaSofa 

Looking for furniture to match

Another great thing about a modular sofa unit is that it’s really rather simple to fit furniture in and around it. Consider a side table at each end and a coffee table in the crook of the L. If your home is traditional, a period property,  opt for chunky wooden furniture with some quirky cast iron accents, or, if you’re going for a modern look, choose plenty of curved glass and shiny steel.

One final point – before you make your decision, weigh up what’s most important to you. More cushions for back support, or more room to stretch your legs? Or (the better option) try to choose a modular sofa that provides both, so you can get as comfy as possible!

Beware Selfish Modular Hogging

Like 4 seaters, modular sofas are just crying out to be laid on. This can promote some pretty selfish sofa hogging from teenagers and adults alike, so suddenly all that the extra seating is completely lost to lazing family members. But do not despair, a quick scatter cushion to the temple usually does the trick and frees up a seat or two!

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