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Like the fashion industry, the upholstery world has seen some pretty weird and wild designs come and go over the years. Most last for a season or two before being replaced by the next great newcomer. However there are certain designs that not only survive but grow in popularity to become true design classics.

chesterfield room

Chesterfield Range from SofaSofa 


There is perhaps no other upholstery design that is as iconic and timeless as the leather Chesterfield. With its deep buttons low arms and back it oozes old school style. Of course the Chesterfield has had many a reincarnation, but it's  the classic scroll arm club that has endured. From high brow private Clubs to Student digs, the leather chesterfield is at home in almost any setting, such is its classic status.

cambridge chesterfield sofa

Cambridge Chesterfield range – 3 Seater Leather Sofa from SofaSofa

Vintage Style

Distressed, vintage or antiqued, the current trend for leather chesterfield design is the more battered the better. Manufacturers are using pre distressed and aged leathers to recreate that Vintage look. Velvets are also coming back into fashion but the more heavy colours of old are being replaced by more interesting Teals and Greys.

belvedere chesterfield

Belvedere Range – Teal 3 Seater Sofa by SofaSofa

Knoll Arm

When it comes to traditional upholstery, the traditional Knoll arm has few peers. It is very versatile in being able to drop its arms to varying heights allowing for different seating positions. The classic design uses a tasseled rope to connect the arm to the main body of the sofa, which can then be adjusted to suit. For such an old style sofa it is incredibly user friendly. With the arms upright the Knoll Arm Sofa has a sophisticated air of grandeur but can equally be transformed into a real slouch couch.

Old Style Fabrics

Old style charm is as much about the fabric as the sofa design. Traditional woven damasks in golds and creams remain eternally popular, whether on fully  cushioned sofas such as the Windsor, or a classic Louis XIV chair. Soft vintage velvets and crushed tonal velvets are also justifiably popular, combining a classic look with a sumptuous feel. When combined with a buttoned back chesterfield or chesterfield derivative such as the Hampton or Belvedere, they exude an old style class.

hampton two seater

Hampton 2 Seater from Sofa Sofa 

Comfortably Traditional

Traditional styles continue to hold sway in the UK. Perhaps it is our reserved nature, but we generally prefer old style charm to the uber contemporary sofa styles of our European neighbours. Whether it be pretty printed florals ideal for a cottage, or grand woven damasks fit for a Country House, British sofa tastes remain firmly routed in the Traditional. At least for now...

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  • The original "shalima" sofa is approx. 12 years ago, had fabric seats, leather studded arms, and chenille fringed cushions....will I still find one like that....

    Mrs P Owen posted 12th Aug 2015 at 9:17 pm

    • Hi Mrs Owen,

      The model you mentioned was before my time unfortunately, but I recommend calling our call centre to find out more - I'm sure someone there will remember it. We do offer bespoke options, so there may be a chance you can still achieve a look very similar to that which you've described. Good luck!

      All the best,


      All the best,


      SofaSofa posted 18th Aug 2015 at 12:01 pm

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