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Sofasofa Rebecca Sofa in White

The Rebecca Sofa, from SofaSofa - Perfect for your night in.

The British Summer is fleeting.....

How true a statement that really is! No sooner have we applied our factor 30(!) sun cream and it’s time to break out the woollies and hibernate once more. But let’s look on the bright side, although short, the Great British Summer is a marvel to behold – out come the barbeques at the first sight of a cloud free sky, out-come shorts, and summer dresses, and Pimms, and strawberries and cream (Wimbledon? Yes please), and…tea (well we are British).

When the mercury rises, its undoubtedly time to head outdoors – after all, the UK offers a veritable feast of fun outdoor activities, practically on the doorstep of any British home, no matter where you are in the country.

However, when the sun goes down on a beautiful Saturday evening, the rapidly cooling temperature forces our bare legs back inside.

What now? How best to wrap up a perfect Summers day?

If, like us, you are in need of some Summer evening inspiration, we may just have the answer. Because if anyone knows how to have fun, its Britain’s hardy legion of home and lifestyle bloggers – who spend their time writing about just how much fun they’re having – lucky devils.

We wanted to test the pulse of the nation, so we sat down for a chat, and a quick-fire Q&A, with some of our favourite home, family, and lifestyle bloggers to find out, just what makes their Perfect Summer Night In?

First up, it’s Victoria from Apartment Number 4

Victoria - Apartment Number 4


“I’m an award winning interior design blogger & founder of 4 magazine. Passionate about creating a Pinterest-worthy home on a budget”




Who would be your perfect sofa companion?

Well…it would absolutely have to be Idris Elba! To learn more about his film roles obviously. He’d have to be topless though, okay?

What is your go-to summertime read?

I absolutely love reading books by some of my fellow bloggers - Cupcakes & Cashmere, Ctrl Alt Delete and Million Dollar Blog are all super-inspirational in their own way, whether it’s invaluable advice or beautiful photography.

What is your all-time favourite, night-in movie?

It’s got to be a box set for me. Sex and the City is without doubt the ultimate girls-night-in viewing, even after all these years.

What is your favourite settle-on-the-sofa meal?

Definitely pizza! Come on, who doesn’t love moreish pizza on a Saturday night sofa surfing? Just make sure you’re not too messy, especially if you have a lightly coloured sofa.

And for dessert?

My new favourite after dinner snack is frozen grapes! I gave up refined sugar for lent, so I’m really trying to steer clear of too many sweet things, but frozen grapes just finish off the meal perfectly.
Trust me, you need to give these a try.

What is the first song on your soundtrack to the summer?

I’m an old school R’n’B and HipHop fan, so anything from Notorious BIG and I’m perfectly happy. ‘Juicy’ is my summer driving jam, you can’t beat it!

Which TV series are we most likely to find you binge-watching for days?

Another retro watch, but I’m still obsessed with Friends. Even now I find episodes that I’ve seen hundreds of times hilariously funny, especially the older ones.

What is your favourite laid-back drink to enjoy on a cool summers evening?

It’s very rare I drink alcohol but I love elderflower cordial in lemonade, lots of ice and chopped cucumber – the ultimate in refreshing drinks.

Which naughty nibble is your guilty pleasure?

I’d have to say chocolate but since giving up sugar, I make my own which is incredibly rich but tasty. You only need the smallest of bites to get the chocolate hit and it really is delicious, especially with sea salt added.

What is your favourite magazine to get lost in?

Even though I adore interior design magazines, I love a good old celebrity gossip mag. Let me read who’s dating who, who’s lost weight, who’s gained weight, what’s the latest from the Kardashians. The juicier the better!

A roaring fire, a cosy blanket, or building a blanket fort – you choose?

Neither one. For me it’s a comfy chair and a delightful book on my balcony all day…and night!                    

Complete this sentence – “My perfect summer night in wouldn’t be complete without…

…friends, laughter and snacks a plenty!

Thanks Victoria!

We love a good sofa romance, and can't wait to see how other people spend time with theirs. See, sofas are our 'thing', and we don't just love to look at them, we love to know how you relax on them too.

Be sure to check out Part 2 of our six-part mini-series next week, when we get some more insight into how people across the UK like to spend time on their sofas.

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