Plaid Armchairs


Here at SofaSofa, we love a good armchair. Obviously we think sofas are pretty good too – after all, we named ourselves after them, twice! But there’s just something about an armchair. You don’t have to share it - it’s your own personal space to kick back and do as you please, whether it’s reading a trashy novel, sipping a nice Cab Sav, or just messing about on your iPad.

Armchairs had fallen out of favour a little bit for a while, but in recent years, patterned and plaid armchairs have come back with a bit of a bang, and are now favoured by decorators to add a whole lot of personality to a room without overwhelming the space.

giles plaid armchair

Giles Armchair in Harris Tweed by SofaSofa

Where Shall I Put My Armchair?

Armchairs work well virtually everywhere you can think of, whether tucked into the corner of a living room, behind your dining room table, in a nook under the stairs, in the conservatory or as a rather grand spot to do your makeup.

Patterned armchairs are our fave, they can make a real style statement – and believe it or not, we think one of the very best patterns to choose from is the humble plaid. It’s fabulous on a shirt, but it’s also fabulous on an armchair. Plus, because it’s such a traditional fabric, if you invest now it’ll still be fabulous a decade from now.

giles plaid armchair

Giles Armchair in Harris Tweed by SofaSofa

Accessorising an Armchair

Team your lovely plaid armchair with neutral accessories, like oversized plain cushions, sheepskin throws and plenty of warm, inviting colours. For a modern look, pair with stripped back furniture, pale walls and glossy oak floors.

Just because plaid is a traditional-style fabric, doesn’t mean you have to incorporate it into a traditional scheme – it’ll work just as well with glass and leather as it will with chunky oak furniture and rough plastered walls. If you want to create a cosier look that’s perfect for family rooms, team it with mismatched antique or vintage finds, a neutral carpet and a lovely warm colour on the walls.

giles plaid armchair

Giles Armchair in Harris Tweed by SofaSofa

Shape and Style

Armchairs come in a vast range of shapes, sizes and styles and the type you choose really depends on the overall look you’re after. For a modern look, choose an armchair with a high, curved back, sleek lines and gently curved legs.

If you’re after something more traditional, choose an armchair with curved scroll arms, a wide seat and lovely wide cushions for extra comfort.

Most of all, choose something that you love now, and will love in the years to come!

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