This is the Shade of Blue Every Home Should Have in 2017


Each year as part of its Colour Futures trend forecast, Dulux announces its Colour of the Year. This prediction is a result of a team of global colour and design experts secretly coming together to examine the emerging trends in fashion, interior design, and architecture.

denim driftImage Credit: Steve Snodgrass

For 2017, the colour that has been selected is Denim Drift. This is a soft, versatile shade of grey-blue that’s reminiscent of your favourite pair of faded Levi’s back in the day. And personally, we love it!

The accompanying colour palette of tonal blue shades also gives Denim Drift great versatility and allows you to potentially create any effect that you like.

blue paintImage Credit: tanakawho

All of the colours were specifically designed to be combined throughout the rooms in your home, from the walls to the fixtures and furnishings.

Here are some ideas for implementing it in your home to add depth to any room.


Living Room

A grey-blue shade is the perfect colour for any living room and can easily blend in with your existing colour scheme.

Introduce a sideboard

One way to subtly introduce it to the room is through your furniture. Investing in sideboards or TV stands like in the image below is a relatively easy way to ensure that your living room stays on-trend in 2017.

sideboardImage Credit: Oliur Rahman

Add a statement rug

Another great option is to add a rug to give a cool, smoky feel to your living room. The rug below is particularly effective as it draws from the accompanying colour palette and allows the tonal blue shades to give an understated but important contrast.

living room rugImage Credit: Pexels

A dip-dyed or ombre style rug can also allow your living room to benefit from some of the darker hues of the Denim Drift spectrum without being too jarring or distracting. As well as giving an illusion of space, it gives a timeless appeal and can make your room seem warmer.

ombre rugImage Credit: Pexels

Invest in a trendy sofa

If you would like to embrace Denim Drift and fully implement it in your living room, then a new sofa may be in order. The blue-grey hue is so adaptable and versatile that it will suit most colour schemes and will blend seamlessly with your current textiles and cushions. It can also act as a blank canvas and focal point to unleash your interior design ideas around.

The great thing about this particular shade of blue is that it has lasting appeal and it won’t have your living room looking out of fashion in a year or so when a new colour comes on the scene.

sofasofaAusten 2 Seater Sofa by SofaSofa

Kitchen and Dining Room

living roomImage Credit: Emily May

As well as being great for a subtle yet significant feature wall in your kitchen or living room like above, tonal blue hues work great for accessorising and adding a few touches of the colour here and there can be a stress-free, quick way of updating your dining area.

Going bold with blue is perfect for making your kitchen appliances and utensils stand out, such as your kettle and toaster, especially if you opt for one of the darker shades in the colour palette such as below.

paint ideasImage Credit: Monoar

You can complement this by adding little splashes of denim drift here and there with textiles and fabrics in your kitchen or dining room, such as tea towels, table runners or splash rugs.

kitchenImage Credit: Monikapp

kitchen paintImage Credit: Catt Liu

A great way of incorporating the colour into your dining room is by giving your existing wooden furniture, such as cabinets and table or chair legs, a fresh lick of paint to completely transform the feel of your room. You can view a great tutorial here to make sure that you do it right.

dining roomImage Credit: Pexels



Believe it or not, colours can have a significant effect on our mood. As the colour blue especially is associated with feelings of tranquillity, calmness and serenity, it’s a fantastic colour to use in the bedroom.

There are a few ways that you can use blue hues to create a soothing, relaxing environment in the bedroom.

Adding a clean, crisp splash of colour to walls

Denim Drift and some of the lighter shades of its accompanying palette can have the dual purpose of creating stillness in a bedroom and adding a clean vibrancy, as can be seen with the feature wall in the image below.

bedroom paintImage Credit: mattwalker

Using textiles like cushions

blue bedroomImage Credit: ErikaWittlieb


denim driftImage Credit: Anthony Delanoix



Denim Drift and similar tonal shades of blue are so adaptable that they can be used in practically any room of your home to create a bold statement look or, conversely, give a tranquil, peaceful feeling.

Introducing a blue colour scheme to your home is best when you use shades that work well together, allowing you to use the brighter blues for visual effect and the muted, quieter shades, dependant on the personality of the rooms in your home.

After the increasing use of darker deeper blue and indigo tones in the last couple of years, adding softer, more subtle hues to your home this year could be a refreshing change, so why not give it a try?

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