11 Fun Social Activities to Do at Home


No longer just the pursuit of the hermit or the loner, staying in is the new going out (or at least that’s what we tell ourselves when we’re waiting for the phone to ring on a Saturday night).

Whether or not you believe this to be true, it’s nice to be able to invite people around to socialise at your home from time to time. It’s cheaper (at least for your guests), it’s more convenient (for you anyway) and hopefully your guests bring a bottle or three!

With that in mind, today we thought we’d compile a handy little list of 11 of the best fun social activities (let’s keep it clean people) you can do right in the comfort of your own home. Just don’t blame us if you have too much fun and never want to leave home again.

1. Karaoke

Home Karaoke

The embarrassment. The humiliation. The terrible, out of tune singing. The cheesey tunes. And all in the comfort of your own living room!

Actually, that’s the great thing about home karaoke – since you’re not in public, you and your friends can boogie on down without ever having to worry about people staring at your embarrassing antics. No karaoke machine even necessary, all you need is something to play music too loudly with and possibly a fake microphone (hairbrush) or two.

2. ‘Come Dine with Me’ Dinners

If you’re not too sensitive about having your latest culinary masterpiece pulled apart both literally and verbally by your mates, take a page out of the television show Come Dine with Me’s book and have some Come Dine with Me-style evenings of your own.

Get the food well prepped in advance, invite your friends around, add some booze and then sit back while each of your friends gives you a hopefully good humoured, always overly harsh ranking about your culinary creations. And don’t worry, it will be their turn next week!

Maybe try a dish by dish format in one evening with everyone preparing a course, and the winner of best dish doesn’t have to help with the cleaning up. Sarcastic voice overs and large cash prizes unfortunately not included.

3. Indoor Picnics

No rain, no ants, no wind, no numb bum from too hard floor. And picnic food. We’re quite partial to a nice scotch egg, but of course the choice is up to you.

You could even have a theme. How about an indoor Mexican picnic with your favourite señors and senoritas? Spread out a nice big blanket, strap on your sombreros and devour some nachos and burritos, washed down with a few jugs of sangria. Always a winning combination in our opinion.

4. Television

Watching Television

Just watching TV might sound a little mundane, but sometimes after a busy week at work, watching the box is about all you have energy left for. At least doing it with friends feels a little bit social! Get comfy together on the sofa, place your remote in perfect arms reach, and enjoy an afternoon or evening of electronic entertainment.

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume, grab a big bag of popcorn and create your very own home cinema experience. And yes it is perfectly acceptable and normal to be watching Mean Girls for the sixth time.

5. Indoor Exercise

Why go to the gym and endure the over-priced membership fees and awkwardly loud grunts from the man on the neighbouring peck deck machine, when you and your friends can slot a bit of exercise into your very own living room?

It’s up to you what you do, the possibilities really are endless. Try out aerobics or Zumba DVDs, or just have fun dancing about to your favourite tunes. Just be aware that your great grandmother’s fine china and indoor football probably don’t mix.

6. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Ah sweet nostalgia. Get together with some relatives, pull out all those embarrassing family photo albums and have some fun reminiscing about the good old days.

You can even indulge in a bit of semi-cruel mockery of a relative’s frankly weird hairstyles and iffy outfit choices of previous years. Until the laugh gets turned onto old photos of you. Now how does it feel?

7. Spring Cleaning

Social Cleaning

Cleaning? Social?? Okay, we probably need to clarify this one. Realistically, you can probably only make cleaning social with your family or housemates. Your friends accepting an invitation to come over and clean your house is probably about as likely to happen as a fish getting struck by lightning, while riding a bike, across the Sahara Desert.

Nobody likes cleaning. But it’s a lot more enjoyable and efficient if you do it with others while having a laugh and listening to some upbeat music for additional motivation.

It’s also a good chance to identify the source of the clutter you’ve magically accumulated since the last tidy up. Who on earth keeps collecting all these cocktail umbrellas and weird badges?

8. Have a Pyjama Party

Recreate some fun childhood memories and have a sleepover. Who said slumber parties were just for kids? It’s high time they were resurrected.

Invite friends, family and even pets (they might not tell the best ghost stories but they can be guaranteed to make some very strange noises in the dead of night). Be sure you are fully equipped with snacks, sleeping bags, trashy movies and one of those battery-less wind-up torches. Embarrassing onesie pyjamas are mandatory of course.

9. Board Games/Card Games

Board Games

Image Credit - Callie Reed

For those not afraid of a bit of competitive family fun, there’s any number of board and card games you can play, for any number of players. It could be as simple as a game of snap with your youngest relatives, or a far more elaborate affair – like Monopoly Twister (not actually a game…yet).

Overly long and overly competitive games of scrabble are a favourite with us (dictionaries must be utilised though, or you’ll inevitably descend into all sorts of nasty arguments - ”baobabs” isn’t really a word, is it?). Yep, indoor board games definitely provide a fun way to laugh away a couple of hours.

10. Play Charades

“Two words: Film. Book.”

“Is it Harry Potter?”

“How did you guess??”

You just can’t beat a game of charades for a bit of homely fun. Of course, there will always be that person who chooses Armageddon or Zulu, gets a little too heavily involved in acting it out, then gets strangely frustrated when (for some reason) no one can guess it.

11. Make a Sofa Fort

Come on, you know you want to! What’s better than the cosy nostalgic trip down memory lane to childhood that only a sofa fort can bring? Pull off those cushions, stack them up, include some blankets, and snuggle on down.

However, if you happen to visit Our Showroom, it’s probably best to avoid building a sofa fort. Building a stronghold out of over 200 sofas and chairs may be tempting, but could result in some serious cushion avalanches.

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