Sofa Fillings - Fibre, Foam & Feather


There are three different main types of filling that are commonly used in sofas: foam, fibre and feather. Learn about the pros and cons of each before you buy.

newbury sofa

Newbury Sofa from SofaSofa

There are many factors that influence our decision making process when it comes to buying a sofa.  Understandably we are drawn to particular shapes, colours, fabrics and leathers without paying too much attention to the fillings. This can be a grave error. After all, it is the fillings that provide the bedrock of a happy relationship with your new sofa! Whilst the look may be important now, it is the comfort that will, in time, lead you to consider your faithful sofa as an old friend.

At first, the choice of fillings may seem overly complicated. However, bear with it, as a little knowledge will go a long way to ensuring your future happiness on your new sofa. There are three different main types of filling that are commonly used in sofas; foam, fibre and feather. There are also numerous hybrids and quirky variations all designed to offer a slightly different posterior experience!


Foam is used internally in almost all sofas but it is also used as a cushion filling. Foam provides the firmest support of all cushion fillings, and is idea for those wanting a supportive sit. The other benefit of foam cushions is that they keep their shape and require very little maintenance. Foam cushions can vary in density, which, along with the underlying springing, determines the firmness of the sofa.

brunel sofa

Brunel Range by SofaSofa with moulded foam seat cushions


Fibre cushions are made of a man made polyester hollow strands which are pumped full of air. The aerated hollow strands are blown into a cushion casing giving a plump appearance. The fibres compress with pressure providing a much softer sit than foam. As the air is expelled from the casing during use, the cushions will need plumping to return air back into the fibres.

balmoral sofa


 Balmoral 3 Seater Sofa with Hollow fill fibre back cushions from SofaSofa 


Like fibre cushions, feather cushions provide a softer and less rigid look than foam. They also require regular plumping to restore their plumpness. Feather is often mixed with fibre in cushions, as feathers on their own can clump together. Feather and fibre are perfect for those wanting a sofa to sink into, as opposed to sit on.


Hybrid cushions are becoming more and more popular, combining the benefits of all types of fillings! Fibre and feather is increasingly being used to wrap a foam interior, providing a resilient core and a softer casing. Sort of the opposite to a Trebor mint!

Dacron, a fibre polymer is one of the most popular wraps used to cover a foam core.

hampton sofa

Hampton 3 Seater Sofa with moulded foam seat cushions with duck feather casing 

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