How a Sofa is Made (Video)


Want to find out exactly how a sofa is made, from start to finish? We’re excited to release a new short film that will show you the exact process we use to make our sofas.

In the video you’ll learn:

-          How a design team selects and tests the best materials for sofa construction

-          How frames are assembled by professional frame-makers

-          How designs are cut to order by a cutting work shop

-          How a sewing department transforms fabrics into sewn parts for upholstery

-          How leather hides are inspected for imperfections by experienced leather-cutters

-          How traditional methods are preserved by design development upholsterers



Video transcript:

Located in the heart of the beautiful South Wales Valleys, SofaSofa has been designing quality British upholstery for over thirty years. Traditional craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, is what makes our furniture so special.

All our sofas are designed by our in-house design team, who select only the best raw materials which are rigorously tested to ensure both comfort, and durability. The core of a quality sofa is a well-made frame. Guaranteed for five years, our frames are constructed using non-tropical hardwood, assembled by hand by Mark and his team of expert frame makers.

Our exclusive range of designs in natural wools, linens and cottons are cut to order in our cutting shop by Amanda and her team, to suit modern and more traditional tastes. Once cut, the fabric parts are transferred to our sewing department to begin the transformation from cut fabrics and leather, into sewn parts for upholstery by Tara, Becky, and their fellow sewing machinists.

Every leather hide bears the natural markings of a life lived. Mark, our leather cutter, inspects every leather hide for imperfections. Once satisfied, the skilled process begins with almost surgical precision. We only select top grain leather, as we never compromise on quality.

Many of our manufacturing processes remain by hand. Traditional methods of upholstery such as hand pleating are applied with care, and passion. It is the job of our design development upholsterers like Craig to ensure these methods are maintained. Buttoning, pleating, studding, and antiquing by hand remains fundamental to producing traditional handmade British upholstery to grace any home.

Finally, the finished product is ready for delivery. Our handmade sofas and chairs are delivered direct from our South Wales factory to homes across the British mainland.

SofaSofa: great British sofas at great prices, direct from the manufacturer.

Posted in Sofas on 8th Sep 2015


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