The Best Dog Friendly Sofas


Pets and sofas can be a tricky combination. Do you treat the family pet as a true member of the clan, able to roam from chair to sofa to bed with impunity?
Truth be told, most of us are too soppy when it comes to our pets not to allow them a quick snuggle up on the sofa now and then.
For everyone to enjoy your sofa for as long as possible, it's great to look out for the right dog friendly sofas.

Vintage-Chesterfield-3-Seater-Leather-SofaChesterfield 3 Seater Leather Sofa

House training

For dog owners who consider choosing a new sofa, it's important to remember that a sofa is a significant investment and we need to safeguard that investment.

In your dog's eyes, new furniture is treated as an exciting new scratching and itching post. So the first priority is to ensure that our pet has at least a modicum of house manners. This is especially important for puppies who will be magically drawn to anything new and destructible. One option is to keep them away in another room and slowly get your furry friend used to the exciting change in their environment.

Warwick-3-Seater-Loose-Cover-SofaWarwick 2 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

Get your sofa protected

While there is of course no guarantee against a little damage occurring even from the most well behaved dog, you could consider taking out fabric and leather protection, against any potential pet damage to your sofa.

Fabric protection can be sprayed onto your sofa prior to delivery to help protect it against any staining. Certain leather protections go even further and protect against tears and rips as well as staining. These protections usually cover you for up to 5 years so you can feel a little more relaxed about introducing your new sofa to your furry friend.

Dog friendly fabric and leather

There are a range of fabrics and leathers that are more pet friendly than others. Soft grain leather, for example, is very resilient and has the added benefit of being wipe clean. Aniline leather is not such a good idea, as it is very easily stained or marked. Antique leathers, which are pre distressed or pre discoloured, are a happy medium and afford some protection against tiny paws - for some leather sofas small scratches add to the charm of the distressed look.

Warwick 2 Seater Loose Cover SofaScala 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Certain types of fabric with more open weaves can be easily scagged. Look for heavy, tightly woven cloth as a good option. Also, remember plain fabrics tend to show up little marks and pulls more than patterned fabrics which do a good job of hiding those little imperfections. Bright colours can also help distract from any unfortunate damage.

Amalfi-3-Seater-SofaAmalfi 3 Seater Sofa

Removable, washable sofa covers

A super practical and versatile solution is a sofa with removable and washable fabric loose covers. Loose cover sofas come in a range of sizes, colours and fabrics which are usually made of cotton or other natural fibres so you can just pop them in your washing machine at home.
SofaSofa tip: We think a loose cover sofa is the most pet friendly sofa.

Positano-3-seater-loose-cover-sofaPositano 3 Seater Loose Cover Sofa


Choosing a new sofa is an exciting investment for all the family, including your furry friend. Whether you are going for fabric or leather, large or small, there is no guarantee of making your sofa pet proof but there are ways to protect your sofa as best as possible with fabric/leather protection or washable sofa covers for little accidents.

Hobbs-3-Seater-SofaHobbs 3 Seater Sofa

A lot of our customers share amazing pictures of their sofa and beloved pet. Why not join them and share a snap of your pooch on your sofa on Facebook.

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