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SofaSofa is a family business that started back in 1981 making leather Chesterfields in South Wales. Over the last 30 years we have added new workshops and employed many local people.
Most of our wonderful staff from the beginning are still with us today, making it possible for us to supply great quality sofas to over a million customers.

SofaSofa Family

So, what makes a loyal employee?

"Employee loyalty can be defined as employees who are devoted to the success of their organization and believe that being an employee of this organization is in their best interest. Not only do they plan to remain with the organization, but they do not actively seek for alternative employment opportunities -

This is certainly true of SofaSofa staff. We are so proud of all our employees and while we are not on The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work for List, we reward our staff for their loyalty and the amazing, hard work they are doing every day of the year.

Fun Facts

34% of our staff have been employed for up to 10 years
12% have worked for us between 11-15 years
Over 44% of our workforce have served between 16-25 years
10% have worked for SofaSofa for over 25 years

What an achievement. If this doesn’t show devotion, we don’t know what does!

SofaSofa Family

For being married 25 years you can look forward to a Silver themed present. Here at SofaSofa though we’re extremely lucky to receive a watch (and a very nice one at that!) as a token of appreciation from our CEO, Lloyd Ridgwell.
As you may have seen on our Facebook page, over the last 18 months we’ve had a few watch presentations.

Hall of Fame

This week we have had another two members of staff to add to this exclusive 25 years club.

SofaSofa Jason Wallace Watch PresentationJason Wallace started working with us in October 1993 as a general labourer. He obviously liked us as he’s worked his way through the departments and loves his current position as a production manager.
Jason likens SofaSofa to one big family and although there are good times as well as bad, he wouldn’t want to work anywhere else (honestly!). He’s not going anywhere yet though, he’s going to keep on working until retirement age or until he wins the lottery.
SofaSofa Jason Wallace Watch Presentation
Sue Berry also started working for us in October 1993 so this year has been her special work anniversary too. Sue joined us as sewing machinist but now concentrates her keen eye on our quality control – there’s not much that gets past Sue!
Sue doesn’t have plans to leave us anytime soon but says she will certainly make the most of her retirement and use her new watch to keep important lunch dates and activities on time.

SofaSofa Loyal Staff Watch PresentationJason Wallace (left), Lloyd Ridgwell (middle), Sue Berry (right)

With over 44% of SofaSofa staff in the 16-25 years timeline bracket hopefully there’s going to be more watch presentations to come – watch this space! We even have one member of staff who may reach the 50 year mark and as this will be a company first we are very curious what our CEO will have up his sleeve for that special anniversary.

A BIG Thank you to all our staff and our CEO Lloyd Ridgwell

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