SofaSofa Interview: Meet The Customer Service Team!


Our Customer Service team are at the heart of SofaSofa!  Working seven days a week, Kerry, Pam, Dawn, Chelsea, Cath and Gaynor are always on hand to answer any queries you have, and no question is ever silly – believe us, we’ve heard them all!

Whatever you need to find out, these ladies have the answer, and what they don’t know isn’t worth knowing.  With over 108 years’ experience between them, they really are a font of all knowledge when it comes to our furniture.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in customer service?

Cath: I’d worked in a quality department at a cotton manufacturer and became interested in the manufacturing process. I’d studied business studies at school and was keen to gain some experience.

Chelsea: I like to be able to help and advise people.

Kerry: I chose to pursue a career in customer service, as I’d been at college where I’d studied a secretarial course.  However, I started off working for SofaSofa in the cutting room and sewing room where I learnt how the furniture is made.  A vacancy then became available in the customer service section and I was able to use all my clerical skills along with my knowledge of the production department.

Gaynor: It wasn’t a conscious decision really, but after 20 years I must be doing something right.

SofaSofa Customer Service Kerry

Kerry at Work in SofaSofa's Customer Service Office

What do you enjoy most about working in SofaSofa's Customer Service team?

Pam: I work with a great team of people and it’s a great feeling of satisfaction when you’ve helped someone.

Dawn: As Pam has said we really are a very friendly, customer focused office.  It also helps that we’re all partial to cakes and biscuits so there’s always something to satisfy our 11 o’clock craving!

Cath: We get lots of customers asking us what would work best in their rooms, so finding the perfect sofa is very rewarding.  Some lovely customers call back to say how happy they are once their new sofa has been delivered.

Kerry: I really enjoy being part of a large office, we are one big team.  The role offers a wide range of clerical duties and I enjoy talking to customers, helping with their queries, and finding the perfect sofa for their home.


Tell us the top 3 qualities you need to be a SofaSofa representative? 

Chelsea: Polite, helpful and happy.

Gaynor: The ability to listen, patience and a sense of humour.

Pam: Happy and helpful with the ability to listen. Sometimes you have to read between the lines to know what a customer needs from us.

Cath:  You need to be friendly, have excellent product knowledge and be calm.


What is considered a normal day in SofaSofa's Customer Service office?

Pam: Two days are never the same in our office but it is always a happy place.

Gaynor: Opening the mail, processing sample requests, answering the telephone and labelling samples.

Chelsea: One that is happy and busy.

Cath: I don’t think there is one and that’s what I love – each call is different.


What SofaSofa range do customers enquire about the most?

Kerry: Our loose cover models are very popular and it would be Newport or Madrid.  For a fixed cover range I’d say the Grosvenor.

Cath:  It depends on our advertising too.  We do have long standing favourites though, such as the Madrid, it is extremely popular.

Dawn: I’d have to say the Woburn. This just goes to show that we all deal with different enquiries.

SofaSofa Customer Service Chelsea

 Chelsea With Her SofaSofa Favourite, the Denver Sofa 

What fabric samples are distributed regularly, and why do you think they are most popular?

Cath: Our loose cover models, as these can be updated as and when customers want.  For example, a spare set when one is being washed or if they just fancy a change of colour.

Chelsea: Madrid, as we have a loyal fan base for this model and whenever we have an offer on we always get loads of sample requests.

Kerry: Kingston or Capri are the most popular to be posted out. Customers like our loose cover range, as it offers a refresh of their sofas and gives them a new lease of life without spending a lot of money.

Pam: For me it’s Neyland as shown on our Grosvenor range.  It’s a fabric that tends to go with everything.


In your opinion, what do customers love about SofaSofa products?

Pam: I think it’s that we have direct knowledge of the furniture and we are able to help customers choose a model with confidence.

Cath: Our excellent quality coupled with excellent prices.  Oh, and not forgetting our triple guarantee!

Dawn: Our competitive prices and range of styles.

Gaynor: Our prices, choice and the fact that we are always here to offer advice.


Describe a time when you gave the best level of service to a SofaSofa customer?

Pam: I recently had a customer who was worried about a narrow lane leading up to her property. I was able to check the lane on Google Maps and liaise with our transport manager about the size of our lorries and the access.  The customer was thrilled with this and placed an order with us.

Dawn: I hope I always give a great level of customer service!

Chelsea: I’ve helped customers by liaising with our despatch team when they needed a quicker delivery using our premium delivery service.

Kerry: My best level of customer service was when I helped a business owner of a new dance club which was being launched in London. The customer wanted the perfect range and colour to match her theme and décor and I was able to achieve this using our bespoke service.  I offered advice on ranges, sizes and colours and sent out samples for her to choose and then followed it through to delivery.  The customer was delighted with the service and I was even offered 10 free tickets for the opening night!


SofaSofa Customer Service Pam

 Pam With Her SofaSofa Favourite, the Montana Modular Sofa

What makes your Customer Service team stand out from other furniture companies?

Gaynor: The fact that we all go the extra mile for our customers.

Pam: The fact that we’re a very happy office and are always pleased to help.

Cath: Our genuine attitude to want to help people.

Dawn: Our vast product knowledge and the fact that we have a direct link to the production team.


What is your favourite SofaSofa model?

Cath: It’s the Richmond for me, but I always love our new models too and the Denver is fab.

Dawn: I love the new Denver model too - it's so comfy.

Gaynor: Denver for me too!

Pam: Well I’m different as I like the Montana.  I’d love the Modular option but it’s too big for my room so I’d have to have the standard sofa (which is just as nice).

Chelsea: My favourite is the Denver because when you sit in it you never want to get out – perfect for the winter snuggly nights that are on their way.

Kerry: Well I love the new Rebecca range as it’s a classy, stylish range, and would suit my living room perfectly.


SofaSofa Customer Service Cath

Cath With Her SofaSofa Favourite, the Richmond Copanion Chair

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting a little insight into our Customer Service department.  We’re always available to help and advise you, and if one of us doesn’t know the answer, there’s always someone here that will.  We’re here seven days a week and you can either call us on 01495 244226 (we’d love to chat) or email us on  to discuss our amazing models at SofaSofa.

Ladies sitting on a sofa

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