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SofaSofa aren't just designers of some of the UK's most beautifully handcrafted and designed sofas, they are also a family of creatives, and we want to introduce you to them! So let's step behind the curtain and meet one of the design team, Lyn Jones, to see what inspired him to become a furniture designer, his thoughts on sofa trends for this summer, and what his daily life at SofaSofa really looks like!


Lyn Jones SofaSofa Designer

Lyn hard at work at SofaSofa HQ

Why did you choose a career in the design industry? Were you particularly creative when you were younger?

In school I enjoyed CDT (craft, design and technology). Turning drawings into reality and on one occasion I made a chair and the love affair began. My teacher’s brother was a furniture designer for a large upholstery company and he mentioned that he was looking for an apprentice upholsterer. I decided to apply for it, got the job, attended college for one day a week over 3 years and the rest as they say is history!

 What does a normal day look like in the SofaSofa design house?

I haven’t got a normal day, I am so lucky as every day is different! I can be in the development workshop with the development team one day, over in the frame assembly plant on another, or busy selecting new fabrics and working on new products. Costings and photography also play a big part in my day.

How do you manage to create designs for different audiences and tastes?

I try to play it safe and keep it commercial and practical. I have to think about the amount of investment that we put into the design and what we need to get return. A lot of our designs have been in production for a long time and remain firm favourites with our customers but I’m always thinking about the next big thing.

How do you keep up with the latest design trends?

I always have to be aware of colours and designs.  Paint colours play a big part and most recently for us the trends are the fabric colours. Greys tones have been paramount this season.

How do you start designing a new sofa model?

If I see a new fabric that I like I first need to think about what frames are in our range that it could be used on. Other times I have a new frame in the workshop and I am waiting for the right fabric to come along.

How do you keep your personal tastes separate from what your customers want?

Having worked for SofaSofa for 24 years, I have learnt what our customers are looking for and that’s the reason they keeping coming back to us.  We are very lucky in SofaSofa that we feel part of a team and so I also ask other people in our company their thoughts on what is in the Development department for selection.  It’s not always good feedback!

What are the main challenges in interior design?

Staying on trend with colours and patterns.  Sometimes the ‘next big thing’ can be forgotten about very quickly.

What do you think is the No.1 mistake people make when furnishing their homes?

Not measuring the room out properly or the space the furniture is intended for.  A sofa can look fabulous in the right space but if the overall design isn’t well thought out, it can soon become overwhelming and take over the room.

 What are your tips for anybody decorating their home this summer?

Greys are still popular, Denim blue, Terracotta and Green are coming through for autumn and winter.

What are the main things people should consider when decorating their home?

Going too bold on the colour of the furniture.  A new sofa is a major investment and you want it to look amazing for years to come.  It’s better to take a risk on the accessories as it’s a cheap and easy option and they can update and transform your design quickly and effectively.

What design trends would you recommend this summer?

Corner groups are definitely big news.  I am currently working on a new design at the moment which has a full size double bed and storage.  We’ve been asked a lot for this style so I’m hoping it’s going to be a hit for us.

In your opinion, what are the defining elements of a home?

I have just moved in to a brand new house myself and haven’t put my stamp on it yet (only a lovely corner group in Pewter that the wife didn’t have a choice in!).  I think it’s important to try and live in the space for a while first so you can see how the lighting works and also to figure out what you use the space for.  Sometimes we get bogged down with what a room should be used for and I believe it’s important to have a space that works best for you, your family and your needs.

Stay tuned for our next interview where we will be diving into more creative minds behind-the-scenes, here at SofaSofa!

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