After you’ve completed your order for a spanking new sofa, the excitement begins! We bet you just can’t wait to see how your stylish sofa fits perfectly in your home. As you wait in anticipation, our Despatch & Delivery team, Hayley, SharonRachel, Malcolm, Shaunna, Lisa, MartinAndrew, LeeTony and Rob are making sure your sofa is transported to you in top-notch condition and right when you need it! They have gathered here to give us insight into the Despatch & Delivery department, and give you peace of mind with how they keep furniture safe from damage, and overcome typical delivery challenges.


Woman in office on computer

Hayley at Work in Despatch & Delivery Office


What enticed you to pursue a career at SofaSofa?

Hayley: I was already working at SofaSofa as an Overlocker in the sewing department. I was interested in changing the direction my career was going in and when an opportunity to join the Despatch department came up I jumped at the chance. I’ve been part of the team for over 14 months now.

Sharon: I’d always wanted a job where I could help people. I love working in a busy office and my colleagues are so friendly I’ve never wanted to leave. For the office to be successful we all have to work as a team, and it’s fantastic that we are based in the same factory as where the furniture is made.

Martin: I could never be based in an office all day, I like to be on the open road.  This is a great job for me, as I love meeting people, so it combines both perfectly. Our customers are always excited to see us (or it may be their new sofa!), and it’s great when we take their new furniture in, unwrap it and put in position. On occasion, we get a biscuit or cake and this is always a good day. Not too many though as we need to stay fit – it’s hard work carrying and lifting sofas all day!

Woman in office writing

Rachel at Work in SofaSofa's Despatch & Delivery Office


What does a normal day look like in SofaSofa's Despatch & Delivery department?

Rachel: The despatch office is extremely busy - constantly speaking to customers and liaising with various departments within the company. We also keep the drivers updated throughout the day of any specific instructions or requests from customers. We have to plan routes to ensure we are covering all parts of the country and then advise our customers of the date and time we’ll be with them.

On average, how many sofas do you deliver a day and what delivery service is most popular, standard or premium?

Malcolm: On average, we deliver around 100 pieces of furniture a day. Our standard delivery service is most popular, as most deliveries are able to be carried out on our 7.5 ton vehicles. If a customer requires delivery more quickly than the standard 4-6 weeks, we offer a premium service whereby we can usually deliver in half the standard time. We also recommend the premium service if there are access issues, as we can send our smaller van to navigate through small lanes or low bridges.

Sofa Corner Unit

Elton Corner Unit in Victoria Biscuit (Configure Your Own Modular Sofa)


Tell us about the best reaction you received once a customer received their sofa?

Shaunna: We often receive phone calls from customers who are very pleased with the overall service they have received from us. I’ve even had a thank you card. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve done your job well.

Lisa: I needed to get a sofa delivered to a customer before the arrival date of a new addition to the family. It was just in time too, as the sofa was delivered one day and the baby arrived the next! The customer cried down the phone but it was tears of joy, thankfully.


Woman in office on computer

Lisa at Work in SofaSofa's Despatch & Delivery Office

How do you make SofaSofa’s despatch and delivery service extra special?

Lisa: Making sure customers are kept up to date with the progress of their delivery, ensuring they are aware of their agreed delivery date and time. Also passing on any requests and instructions to our drivers, ensuring the delivery process goes as smoothly as possible. We only use our own transport (no third parties), so we have a great relationship with the drivers.

How do you make sure customers' products are delivered in optimum condition?

MartinEvery piece of furniture is handmade to order, and it goes straight from the upholsterers bench, through quality control, and onto the lorry. We ensure all furniture is packaged to prevent any damage and we always load and unload with care. We appreciate that the furniture is going into someone’s home and they’ve been waiting excitedly for it. Every item is carried into the room of choice, unwrapped and assembled, and the customer gets the time to check their furniture has been manufactured beyond their expectations. The packaging is then taken away, so no need to clog up your recycling bin!

Tell us about a time when you tried to get a sofa into a tight spot?

Andrew We once delivered to a customer who lived in a first floor property which had no elevators, so we had to carry the furniture up a very narrow stairwell. It was a very difficult delivery but after numerous attempts we managed to deliver the furniture into the room of the customer’s choice. It’s usual for us to come across tight turns, low ceilings and narrow doorways, but it’s very rare that we have to bring furniture back to the factory. We don’t like to fail!


Natural Sofa

Charlotte 3-Seater Sofa in Kingston Natural


What SofaSofa model is the most challenging to deliver?

Lee: Four-seater designs can be quite hard to negotiate around hallways and entrances to rooms, as not all of them come in two sections. The Charlotte can also make things a bit harder due to the large swan arms but it does look fabulous when we get it into position. 

How do you entertain yourself in the delivery van on your longer journeys?

TonyIf we have any spare time during longer journeys we tend to use it to catch up on sleep, as we are out delivering over two days. More often than not we are liaising with our customers to keep them updated on their delivery or with the office regarding any requests or special instructions from customers.  

Rob: Once we’ve sorted out the day’s itinerary and are on our way, we usually spend our time chatting and listening to the radio (keep an eye out for us singing along!). To be truthful, we’re so busy that we don’t get much time to ourselves, as the girls in the office are always keeping us updated.


Cream Sofa

 Barola 4-Seater in Jumbo Cord Cream

What SofaSofa model tickles your fancy?

Sharon: There are a number of ranges we sell that I like a lot but I think my favourite has to be the Barolo. It’s very comfortable, and the fabric used for this particular model is very soft and luxurious.

Shaunna: I love a modular sofa, as I like to snuggle into a sofa when watching telly. We’ve just introduced a new modular called the Elton and I’m a little bit in love with it.


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