SofaSofa Interview: Meet the Showroom Experts!


Never a dull moment to their day, we thought it was about time we spoke to the showroom experts at SofaSofa! From navigating clued-up clients, to advising the clueless, SofaSofa's resident experts Cliff and Wendy are here to give you some insight into what it means to be a SofaSofa Showroom specialist, how they handle the array of customers that visit our showroom every day, and what their furnishing tips are for the modern family home.

Cliff & Wendy at the SofaSofa Showroom

Wendy & Cliff in the SofaSofa Showroom in South Wales

What’s life like in the SofaSofa showroom?

C: I’d say it’s definitely varied.  Some customers want a one on one service and require all of your time while other customers are happy to work out what they want and call you when they are ready to finalise the order.

W: Yes I wholeheartedly agree with Cliff – customers mean that no two days are the same

On average, how many new sofa designs does the showroom receive each month? How do you choose which pieces to display? Do you have to move some designs to the ‘back’?

C: We introduce approximately 8-10 new models a year.  It’s very exciting and we love having the new ranges featured in our showroom.  We want to keep the showroom looking fresh, vibrant and inviting so we regularly change the displays.

W: Thankfully I don’t get to choose what models get brought in or taken out! I’d never be able to decide and everything would end up staying!

Do the people that come to the SofaSofa showroom already know what they want, or do you have to work with them in order to find the right design for them?

C: The majority of customers know what they want before they arrive at the showroom although they can sometimes change their mind on the colour they want after seeing it in person.  We also see a lot of people who have a fixed idea of style and colour in mind when they arrive but it completely changes after sitting on the furniture and trying it out firsthand.

W: I think that many people come in with a fixed idea of what they want but after a visit to the showroom they soon change their minds.  That’s the beauty of our showroom having so many lovely models on display.

Wendy with her SofaSofa favourite, the Rebecca Sofa

Have you ever had to talk a customer out of making a big interior design mistake?

C: Not very often but if the situation does arise we need to be very diplomatic.  We are more likely to need to convince a husband or wife that the other one is right!!

W: There’s been a few occasions when a customer has described their décor and I’ve tactfully changed their sofa colour choice so it doesn’t clash.  Customer’s often bring in curtains, wallpaper or carpet samples to try and match to a sofa.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the SofaSofa showroom?

C: I wouldn’t say we’ve had anything weird although one time a customer brought in two large framed pictures which her husband had to hold up behind the sofas to ensure they looked good together……

W: Funny enough this morning a customer came in and we had to move a sofa from one end of the showroom to the other as she wanted to see two different sofas next to each other.  We’re always happy to help though.

When it comes to customers, do you feel they generally know what works with their existing living room interior setup?

C: Yes definitely.  Our customers are very clued up and know what they want but this can change when they see our vast display in the showroom.

W: Ditto – customers are very style savvy and have usually done their research before they get to our showroom.

What’s the most common piece of advice you give to customers looking for a new sofa?

C: Firstly to take time and sit in the sofa and relax.  We don’t rush our customers and we want to ensure they make the right decision so anyone visiting the showroom can feel relaxed and make sure they choose the right sofa for them.  It’s also important to measure and imagine the space it’s going into.

W: Everything Cliff has said.  A sofa is a big investment so it needs to be comfortable and fit in with your lifestyle.
Cliff on the Blenheim Sofa

Cliff with his beloved Blenheim Sofa

What is your favourite SofaSofa furniture range, and why?

C: Personally the Blenheim is my favourite.  It’s a traditional style sofa with a very modern fabric and it’s so comfortable.  It’s selling very well at the moment so there must be other people out there with great taste too!

W: We’ve just launched a new range called Rebecca and I’m absolutely in love with it.  It’s a twist on the classic chesterfield design and the fabric is gorgeous.

What would be the 3 main traits someone would need to be a Showroom Specialist for SofaSofa?

C: A good eye for colour and co-ordinates as customers can’t always imagine what things will look like.  Good listening skills are essential; we always want our customers to feel appreciated.  Patience is the final thing as we want all our customers to feel relaxed and happy during their time spent at the showroom.

W: Excellent customer service skills, welcoming and a good sense of humour. I was once asked if I thought a customer’s cat would like the fabric they had chosen.  I’d like to think that he did!

Stay tuned for more insights into the world of SofaSofa, and keep your eyes peeled for next month's team in the spotlight!

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