SofaSofa’s Guide to Small Sofas


Finding the right sofa for a small living space can seem a difficult task: a lot less space for all your furniture, and you need a decorating approach without sacrificing on function and comfort.

While a sofa can look the ideal size in a spacious showroom, sometimes it can be too big once it reaches your home.

That's why, choosing the right sofa for your conservatory, small appartment or just a smaller space takes a few considerations for the space and some preparations. Read on for a look at some of our favourite hints and tips.

Amalfi-3-seater-sofaAmalfi Sofa Collection

Sofa Measurements

Just like with any size room, measuring the available space is important to make sure your furniture fits perfectly. Measure the room carefully before you go out sofa shopping, and make sure you know exactly where you want to place the furniture.
As a little help to visualise the space better you can lay newspaper on the floor in the space where you want to put your sofa.

Poppy-2-seater-sofa-terracottaPoppy 2 Seater Sofa

Most sofa measurements are given in centimetres and just in case you need some extra help, we’ve explained each type of measurement in a bit more detail for you here.

Length – The longest distance between the two armrests
Depth – From the front of the arm to the back of the arm
Height – From the floor to the top of the back cushion
Seat Height – from the floor to the top of the seat cushion
Seat Depth – From the front edge of the seat cushion to the start of the back cushion
Seat Length – The seating distance between the two armrests

Don't forget to measure the width of the door to make sure the furniture fits through your door. We recommend a standard door width of 76cms.

Amelia 2 Seater SofaAmelia 2 Seater Sofa
Compact in size, narrow arms allow for a large seating area, with a hard wearing chenille fabric, perfect for busy families, student accommodation and rented properties.

Storage wonders

In addition to knowing how much space you have available in your room, there are clever ways to make use of every inch. There is often more storage space than you might imagine.
The best way to do this is choosing furniture with built-in storage, such as storage footstools.

Olivia-Storage-StoolOlivia Storage Stool

A storage ottoman can even double up as a coffee table and letting you get organised by putting your blankets, cushions or other things in.

Perfect, small sofa

But you can also be clever with the kind of sofa you are choosing. A sofa with flat sides avoids the need for end tables, giving you extra functional space (don't forget to put a cover or tray on the sofa arms to avoid stains).

Now that you know the dimensions of your available space and what size furniture you need, it's great to keep in mind that not all two seater sofas are the same size. They can vary in width but also depending on your cushion filling, your cushions can take up more or less space, making the sofa slimmer and giving it a compact design.

Positano-2-seater-sofaPositano 2 Seater Loose Cover Sofa

Bear in mind when you go sofa shopping, a heavily padded sofa might look great in the showroom, but it could look too bulky in your room.
But you don't loose out on comfort and style, even with the less bulky sofas you can enjoy a comfortable seating experience.

Wentworth-2-Seater-SofaWentworth 2 Seater Sofa

Corner sofas

When you are short on space, the shape of your sofa is vital. Choosing furniture that wraps around your room is a great way to effectively make use of the space. Corner sofas, also called modular sofas, can be great for small rooms with limited space because they naturally fit into corners, freeing the space in the middle of the room.

Poppy-Corner-Chaise-SofaPoppy Corner Chaise Sofa

Small Sofa Beds

If space really is a premium and you need your sofa to be more functional for overnight guests then sofa beds are ideal.

Wallace Small Sofa BedWallace Small Sofa Bed
Square arms, button back cushions and a minimalist look


Jacob-2-Seater-SofaJacob 2 Seater Sofa
Inspired by the retro look of the 70’s

Preparation is everything! And, of course, if you haven't got a lot of space available then make use of every inch, with storage footstools or corner sofas.
Why not share your small sofa inspirations on our SofaSofa Facebook page.

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