Striped Armchairs


When many people think of armchairs, they tend to think of their granddad, reclining in a rather regal armchair, smoking his pipe and talking about the war. Yep, it’s a persistent old cliché that never seems to go away!

What some people don’t realise, is that armchairs have come roaring back into fashion in recent years and are now favoured by interior designers for use in all kinds of spaces, including conversions, period properties and modern apartments.

Striped armchairs have become especially popular in certain circles, and can add a vintage feel to a contemporary space or make a period property feel even grander.

striped armchair

Windsor Armchair by SofaSofa 

Perfect for Anywhere in the Home

Although a beautifully striped armchair could provide a lovely seating spot in front of the TV, there are far more versatile uses. Consider popping one in your bedroom to provide a glamorous “dressing table” area (table optional!); or even in your home office to provide a comfy spot for those 10 minute breaks away from the computer.

Armchairs are also a great addition to the dining room, especially if you’ve chosen a fabric that complements your living room sofa. This will help to tie the two rooms together.

ellis striped armchair

Ellis Armchair (Muirfield) by SofaSofa 

Earning Your Stripes

One of the great things about striped armchairs is they’re positively regal in style, yet can look very contemporary in the right spot. Generally, the wider the stripe, the more modern the look; the narrower, the more traditional.

Colour plays a huge part too. Fabric with contrasting, colourful stripes gives a bold and playful look. Alternatively look for fabric with subtle variations in colour or texture. Slightly metallic stripes will give a chic and stylish finish.

windsor striped armchairWindsor Highback Chair by SofaSofa

 Contrasting Colours

An easy way to update your home without having to dig out the dustsheets and paint pots is to add accessories in contrasting colours. If your room is decorated in neutral hues, you can go all out with bright and bold accessories like cushions, throws, rugs and lamps to update the space in an instant.

This is also where a striped armchair really shines - you can use it as a contrasting accessory to highlight or emphasise an over-looked aspect of the room. For example, if there are pretty blue tones in the tiles around your fireplace, positioning a comfy blue striped armchair next to it will really show off those elegant blue hues.

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