Style, Warmth & Comfort: Fabric Chesterfield Sofas


Let's stop for a moment and give the classic chesterfield sofa a massive round of applause!


Old-world yet timeless, and one of the most iconic designs worldwide, the chesterfield has proven to be unstoppable, coming a long way in interior design. With origins believed to have started in the late 18th century, this antique invention has marched its way right into our modern homes and businesses.

Renowned for its swan-necked rolled arms, deep-buttoned tufting and nail-bed trim, the chesterfield sofa is in a league of its own, and a distinctive model amongst all sofa designs. It seems that no matter how far this masterpiece lives on, it will forever signify tradition, status and nobility, and add the quintessential British touch to our atmosphere.

Traditionally, the chesterfield sofa is upholstered in leather, but today, it has been reinvented in a variety of materials and colours to fit modern styles and tastes. The chesterfield just never goes out of fashion, and here at SofaSofa we give it a new lease of life with our beautiful fabric designs to make it truly unique.

With chillier days creeping upon us, we all need a cosy sofa that we can snuggle into, and our fabric chesterfield sofas are the perfect option for style, warmth and comfort.


Vintage Leather Chesterfield

The Chesterfield 3-Seater Vintage Leather Sofa


The Belvedere 

If you’re on the hunt for a chesterfield, you are deemed the sophisticated kind with a keen eye for classic style. Except, the Belvedere collection urges those with a bolder streak and a spark of glamour!

Just when you thought the chesterfield sofa couldn’t be any more spectacular, our Belvedere range merges its elegant features with a sumptuous velvet chenille fabric. Evoking old Hollywood glam and everything opulent, this fabric-design recipe is a true eye-stinger!

The Belvedere boasts a chic appearance complimented by a soft and silky texture. Its shade in rays of light and napped fabric that repositions its tufts deepens the tone and accentuates its beautiful sheen, shedding a fine glow in your room. Not only does velvet chenille add warmth to your decor, but it is a great conductive sofa for colder seasons, keeping you relaxed and toasty.

Whether it is a contemporary or mid-century modern-inspired room, the Belvedere range will breathe depth, visual warmth and a cosy air to your home. It blends well with decors that embody simple to rich colour palettes, a variety of textures and patterns, metal to wood and glass materials, and an abundance of statement furnishings.

Our Regent Mushroom-coloured model brings a neutral vibe to your room and compliments any decor style (so don’t worry, it will fit into your home perfectly!). Although beige is overlooked as a monotonous colour, it never loses its trend when combined with a concoction of various shades and tones; all you need to do to make your room pop is introduce some bright accent furnishings!


Mushroom Coloured Velvet Sofa

The Belvedere 4-Seater Chesterfield Sofa in Velvet Chenille


With a feather-filled cushion option, the model welcomes you to sink into its velvety glory; no matter how much you want to snuggle into its warm paradise, its serpentine seat springs provide great levels of comfort and durability with anti-sag properties. Otherwise, you can opt for the foam-filled version that is great for firm support whilst keeping the shape of the cushion and a smooth plunge.

Our velvet chesterfield is the talk of the town and is making its presence known in many modern homes. Step out of your comfort zone and grace your home with style and luxury once and for all.


The Grosvenor

If you prefer a more reserved style perhaps our Grosvenor range will provide the understated elegance you desire. Another striking chesterfield, the Grosvenor range tempts those who desire simplistic designs but not one that lets the eye settle in one place. With a bold presence in the room, the Grosvenor greets us with a smile and is an epic addition to the home of comfort-seekers!

The Grosvenor range is upholstered in a linen-look fabric with a tight weave and lightweight quality. All linen lovers can wave goodbye to creasing, as although the Grosvenor sports a beautiful linen appearance, it is handcrafted with high-quality cotton, and reaps the benefits of a wrinkle-free, soft and durable sofa!

The Grosvenor collection is the perfect way to introduce a burst of colour and sleek design to your room without going overboard. From urban modern to traditional-styled decor, the Grosvenor will compliment all types of rooms, from gentle contours to edgy designs to rooms with artistic expression. Not only does cotton and linen-like fabric provide visual interest but it balances out the room and absorbs light, giving the colour a subtler appearance and not overpowering the room.

Our Neyland Aubergine model, an intense, rich purple tone, will add depth to your interior space, and looks great in rooms with abundant lighting to avoid a dingy look. Dark and moody colours are a current trend, and this aubergine look can be brightened up with light hue accents. Whilst the days are growing shorter, table lamps and mirrors are a good idea to bounce light back in the room, and the aubergine piece suits a minimalist space to keep the room feeling spacious.


Aubergine Linen-look fabric chesterfield

 The Grosvenor 3-Seater Chesterfield Sofa in Linen-look Fabric


Our Grosvenor models also comes in a choice of feather-filled and foam-filled cushion options and are perfect for a warm winter look. Go ahead and treat yourself to this chesterfield edition and we can promise that you won't want to get off it!


 The Rebecca

With a modern twist to the traditional chesterfield, the Rebecca range boasts a unique frame that attracts a curious eye. Calling all those who adore a sofa with a back above arm level, this range offers the best of both worlds - an iconic sofa, and one with sloping rolled arms, allowing extra comfort and relaxation.

The Rebecca range is covered in a linen-mix fabric, a soft material with a casual look that has great durability and a versatile approach for many interior design styles. Linen is a fabric that compliments other materials; a great way to blend various textures to give your room more character, visual aesthetic and feel the power of texture. Smoother textures, like a fur or cotton throw, or velvet cushion will enhance the beauty of this linen-mix fabric model, and you’ll certainly be needing these accessories to keep snug this winter.

The Rebecca range will blend perfectly with modern, minimalist, and Scandi style decors, and statement sculptures, wood carvings or abstract paintings, particularly those with unusual or asymmetrical shapes would highlight the structure of this chesterfield and contribute to its sophisticated yet unique look.

If you are brimming with design choices or have plenty stunning furnishings to show off, our Vienna natural-coloured model will allow them to take centre stage. Also, neutral sofas are timeless, and if you're the conservative type that loves to change up your decor now and again, you'll appreciate the opportunity to swap your accessories around when you want to - so don't limit yourself! It's a great tone if you like to keep your room looking bright and airy during the winter season, and to give it an extra comfy look you could add some dark coloured cushions and throws to give your room some personality.

It's hollow-fibre filled cushions graces the sofa with firm and plump cushions yet ones you can decadently melt into. Hollow-fibre is a soft and fluffy man-made synthetic perfect for trapping in air and heat to provide the loft and warmth you deserve.


Natural Linen Grand Sofa

The Rebecca Grand Sofa in Linen



Why not stand out from the crowd and bag yourself a Rebecca chesterfield to get the ultimate relaxing experience, and simply for its distinctive look; it’d be boring to have your chesterfield looking like everybody else's.

With all the gorgeous fabric chesterfield sofas available here at SofaSofa, we have one for everybody’s home, from armchairs to 4-Seater units. All we desire during the winter season is to stay indoors and keep warm, and our fabric chesterfields promise to keep you cosy whilst introducing a chic style to your home.

So, hurry up and get your fabric chesterfield to settle into the winter season with comfort as soon as it begins!  


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