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Morocco Buildings

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A small nation on the northwest coast of Africa, MOROCCO is an inspirational country enriched with centuries of captivating cultures and traditions.

Apart from being an enchanting destination admired for its ancient cities, picturesque mosques, epic mountains, and one-of-a-kind markets, it is also famous for its rich artistic legacy.

From indigenous Berber tribes to Arabs to French and Romans, the deep-rooted history of Morocco has attracted settlers from around the globe, providing the land its present-day multicultural status.

Not only has this cultural fuse influenced the unique traditions and identity of Morocco, but explains the unrivalled qualities in Moroccan interior design and traditional styles.


Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

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Whether it be the soft wool on the sheep of the Atlas Mountains, or the natural colours extracted from the country’s plants and berries, the wonders of nature breathes in Moroccan craftsmanship, gracing their artistic work with a genetic uniqueness.

If you’re eager to put a bohemian stamp on your interior, or intrigued by Moroccan home styling, let SofaSofa whisk you away to North Africa with tips on how to evoke the sun-drenched country in your very own home.


Key Features of a Moroccan Living Room

With a Moroccan-inspired decor, there are key must-haves that will pull the style together.

All you need is a plethora of bright hues, geometric patterns, a great mixture of textures, and contrasting shapes.

Ultimately, to achieve a true Moroccan haven, your room needs to be relaxing, informal, and eclectic with bursts of colourful fun!


Hippie Moroccan Style Living Room

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Unparalleled in modern-day furniture, Moroccan furnishings display a distinctive charm like no other, and the crossroads in Moroccan culture and style have created some of the most ornate masterpieces in the world.


Moroccan Sofa

Moroccan sofas are nothing like the classic sofas found in British homes, but rather a dense, low-ground, armless, and cushioned bench-like seat.

The arrangement of the seating space usually stretches across one entire wall or two adjacent walls.

In some Moroccan homes, it even circles the entire room, resembling an arena-like concept, but with single row seating.

The traditional Moroccan sofa symbolises one of the many cherished values of Moroccan life; that is, spending quality time with friends and family.

They use large seating areas simply for lounging and socialising, creating a welcoming ambience with a cosy feel.

Take a look at these fabulous Moroccan sofas:


Colourful Moroccan Seating

 (Image: Pinterest)


Pink Moroccan Sitting Room

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Although these Moroccan models are irresistible, luckily, you don’t need a traditional Moroccan sofa to achieve this style.

As long as your sofa complements Moroccan interior design it will work perfectly, and Moroccan sofas reflect the concept of modular sofas.

Modular sofas provide a wider and longer seating space, and it’s L-shaped feature transports it further around the room.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large living room, you could even consider purchasing two modular sofas to give your home the social setting of a Moroccan home.


Coffee table

Whether you’re British or Moroccan, there aren’t many living rooms without a coffee table.

It has been a long-lasting centrepiece of the living room, so don’t worry, Moroccans enjoy their hot beverages around a luxurious table just like you.

In a Moroccan style living room, coffee tables are usually wooden with beautiful patterned hand-carvings.

It will grace your room with a primitive and vintage look, and one that evokes old Moroccan culture.


Moroccan Carved Table

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Moroccan Wooden Table

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Orange & Copper Moroccan Table

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Traditional Moroccan Accessories

If you truly desire a genuine flavour of the northwest tip of Africa, then you need to pluck out some traditional Moroccan accessories.

Without these attractive extras, your Moroccan interior will only be half complete; accessories are sure to add the final touches to your design.

From rich-coloured cushions to geometric rugs, you can transport all your senses to the depths of Morocco with the perfect choice of furnishings.



Whether you decide to go for a traditional Moroccan sofa or Modular sofa, you can’t forget to accentuate it with vibrant and embellished fabrics, woollen throws and cushions.

It would be even more cultural if you choose ones with traditional Moroccan patterns and prints, and perhaps some bright draperies to hang over your sofa.


Hand Embroided Moroccan Cushions

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Remember to include a wide range of stunning textures to make your Moroccan sofa pop and bring subtle dimension to your seating area.



Now once you’ve decorated your Moroccan-style sofa, it needs to be complemented with an array of floor cushions and pouffes, upholstered in matching or different Moroccan fabrics.

Pouffes are large cube or circular-shaped cushions that can be used as a footstool or a low seat, and they come in various shapes and sizes.


Blue, Pink, Glod, Brown Moroccan designed poufs

(Image: Pinterest)


Moroccan Vintage Linen Pouf

(Image: Pinterest)


Whilst pouffes are beautiful home accessories, it is a clever way to introduce extra seating in your home with minimal space, and can be placed flexibly around the living room.

They often come in leather and fabric materials, but Moroccan-inspired ones come in intricate embroidered designs and bright colours.

Also, a few handmade Moroccan Kilim pillows scattered on the floor in an organised fashion are perfect for lounging, and look beautiful with its weaved patterns and magnetic colour-combos!


Moroccan Kilim Pillows

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Brown Moroccan Kilim Cushions

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Renowned for weaving some of the most gorgeous rugs worldwide, Morocco has a long tradition in crafting rugs since the Palaeolithic era.

Traditionally, they are crafted by the Berber tribe, and they are still the dominating weavers in Morocco today.


Woman Weaving Moroccan Berber Carpet

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The greatest part about traditional Moroccan rugs is that it’s handcrafted technique means that each rug is unique with original patterns and colours, and the creators often portray their life-story in the design.


Multicoloured Vintage Moroccan rug

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Moroccan Berber Rug

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A plush, classic Moroccan rug is guaranteed to infuse true Moroccan flavour into your interior.



Of course, every living room needs a mirror to amplify light and space and create a sense of balance and harmony.

Embellishing your walls with a Moroccan mirror will not only add a focal point to your room, but give your room a radiant ambience by enhancing your Moroccan design with its reflective nature.

Moroccan mirrors are often outlined with gorgeous geometric patterns or carvings, which means it isn’t just practical, but a stand-alone wow-factor.



Moroccan Carved Mirror

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As a matter of fact, Moroccan mirrors that are structured with the famous ogee shape are the most symbolic of Moroccan design.

It consists of two opposing concave-like curved arcs with vertical ends, and is an ongoing design feature used by many architects, artisans and interior designers.


Silver Moroccan Mirror

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The bigger the ogee mirror, the more sumptuous and palatial your home will feel.


Getting Started on Your Moroccan Living Room

If you ever thought you needed to live on the scorching land of Morocco to have it look as stunning as the images above, you were wrong!

Our top tips will transform your interiors into a Moroccan dream.

Just remember to have fun and experiment with lots of colours, shapes, patterns and materials; and browse Pinterest for some fabulous inspiration.

Contact us for any information regarding our Modular sofas.

In the meantime, feel free to send the SofaSofa team some gorgeous images of your Moroccan world!

Keep your eyes peeled for our next themed living room idea - we wonder what part of the world we’ll explore next?

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