Tomorrow’s Home is Here Today! But is your Sofa Keeping Pace?


aerial laptop on brown sofa

The exciting world of smart technology has landed, along with a promise to make your home more efficient and easier to control – and life that little bit simpler.

We’ve all grown up believing that one day, a Buck Rogers, Jetsons, or Star Trek style existence could be a reality. Take a wander through any of the large department stores and you’d be forgiven for thinking those much-prophesised days have arrived. However, before we jump headlong into the ‘home of today’, let’s take a moment to consider what this really means for our style-conscious lives.

So, set phasers to ‘stun’ as we guide you through the forgotten side of technological utopia:

Picture the scene; you arrive home after a long, hard day at work, and the front door recognises it’s you coming up the path and unlocks itself - no fiddly keys to mess with in this tech paradise.

Walking into the living room, the lights instantly switch on automatically – gone are the days of expending energy flicking a switch.

You immediately notice the contrasting warmth of home, after all, your smart thermostat has been anticipating your arrival for the last hour.

As you set your bag down on the kitchen table, you hear the comforting percolation of your coffee machine dispensing a creamy latte into your favourite mug – of course it knows the kind of day you’ve had – you’re ready for a hug from within.

Open your fridge, take out the last fruit yoghurt (don’t worry, your smart fridge has added it to your shopping list) and saunter towards the sofa, telling your voice activated TV to play what remains of last night’s Downton Abbey episode.

There’s only one thing left to do, relax, and settle down on the…wait a minute!  What’s this?

Suddenly it dawns on you. You’ve spent time and money investing in the latest technological mod cons, but you’ve completely taken your eye off the ball and the focal point of your living space has been hopelessly neglected.

Your decade-old sofa is now looking seriously out of place, tired and distressed.  The world has passed it by. It’s the furniture equivalent of using old dial-up internet in the age of super-fast broadband. It’s the upholstery equivalent of exercising your upper body but skipping leg day.

A healthy home needs balance, and right now yours is distinctly out of kilter.

Your home is the centre of your life, where you wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. Within its trusted walls is where you do most of your eating, resting and playing. It’s important, therefore, that smart technology complements the home's core function as a place to live.

We believe the opposite also to be true. Technology and interior design aren’t necessarily two concepts that you would put together, but with a little imagination they can be combined to produce awe inspiring results. The problem is that even the most well designed, well intentioned smart home products can evoke a cold, harsh, and unpleasant feeling. And so if you want to avoid creating a laboratory-like atmosphere at home, it’s important to balance out your smart tech with complimentary, contemporary, and homely furnishings.

Sofa Sofa’s 30-year pedigree of making beautiful, hand-made sofas means we have seen countless style-eras come and go, and we take great pride in being at the forefront of modern interior design. The smart home era is no exception, and so we’ve hand-picked our most contemporary sofa ranges to inspire your Jetsons-style upgrade.

Alexa would be proud.



  1. The Marino

marino white leather sofa

Imagine a sofa so sleek and modern that it could well have been designed by the geniuses at Apple. Introducing the Marino. This contemporary design comes with a choice of hardwood or chrome feet, and a choice of eight Softgrain leather colours. Available in three sizes, the Marino can be complemented with an armchair, a swivel chair and two types of footstool.


  1. The Lucca

green modern lucca sofa

If the abundance of 21st century tech in your home has become a little overwhelming, consider tempering it with one of the 60s and 70s inspired retro modern designs in our Lucca range. Available in a range of contemporary colours including lavender, russet and bright green, the Lucca could well provide the perfect intersection of modern design and quintessential, timeless style.


  1. The Mezzo

brown leather mezzo sofa

Unlike the smart-gadgets you’ve allowed into your home, there’s no requirement for your sofa to blend seamlessly into the background. It’s the focal point of your living room, so make a bold statement with the stunning Mezzo. Available in both Softgrain leather or distressed Saddle leather, the Mezzo is one of our most popular leather designs.


  1. The Modular Sofa

modern modular sofa

Smart home technology prides itself on being ‘plug-and-play’. In other words, it’s good to go, right out of the box. The same could be said for our Modular sofas, with lots of size, shape, and colour combinations, you’ll find the perfect configuration to suit your home. Designed to maximise seating space, the sectional construction of Modular sofas make for countless nights of togetherness and relaxation.


The modern smart-home is sleek, minimalist, and sophisticated, and whilst choosing the perfect complementary sofa is important – nothing is more important than keeping a sense of homeliness.

Because home is where the heart is. And that will never go out of fashion.


Is your smart home being held back by your traditional old sofa? Take a look at our gorgeous modern sofa ranges to bring your home into the 21st century.

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