Traditional Leather Sofas


When it comes to sofas, they’re one of the best investments you can make – a high quality, classic leather sofa will last for years if not decades and can be incorporated into virtually every colour scheme. It’s little wonder they’re so popular!

Whether your home is a barn conversion, a brand new family home or a Victorian terrace, a traditional leather sofa will work a treat. Pile it with bright, patterned cushions for a cosy family feel, or keep it plain and simple for a modern look.

cambridge leather sofa

Cambridge 3 Seater Leather Sofa by SofaSofa

Choosing the Perfect Traditional Leather Sofa

In our eyes, the perfect traditional leather sofa has to be one you can really stretch out on. There’s no point in having a classic looking sofa if it’s not comfortable, so look for wide, deep cushions with plenty of room to stretch, lounge, loll, drape or whatever takes your fancy!

At SofaSofa we’re big lovers of the classic curved arm chesterfield. Curved arms are great because they give you plenty of arm or head support without taking up too much valuable room. They also look the part too.  But traditional leather sofas are not confined to the classic chesterfield design. There are high back designs such as the Monk or more petite and elegant shapes such as the Victoria to choose from.

senator leather sofa

Senator 3 Seater Leather Sofa by SofaSofa

Which Leather Should I Choose?

As far as colour goes, red is the top choice when it comes to a classic antique leather sofa but brown rules the roost for all other distressed leather types. Of course, leather can be dyed any colour under the sun but deciding on a bright pink may not be the most traditional of choices. For that traditional look, choose between a distressed leather such as New England or Saddle or a ‘’two tone’’ antique finish.  Distressed or uncorrected leathers retain much of the rich patina of the hide including minor blemishes and variations in tone. They ‘’pull up’’ when manhandled creating a wonderfully complex and unique leather.

Antiqued leathers are just that – they have an antiqued look,  created by carefully removing colour in specific places and then resealing the leather making it appear as though the coloured leather has worn away over many years.  Classic antique colours include the ever popular red and brown as well as green and gold.

Whether you decide on the classic antique or natural distressed leather, choosing a traditional leather sofa will bring you a lifetime of pleasure without going out of fashion.

victoria leather sofa

Victoria 3 Seater Leather Sofa by SofaSofa

Accessorising Your Leather Sofa

Because they are so timeless  traditional leather sofas are equally at home in modern conversions as they are in  period properties They can be traditionally accessorised with  mahogany cabinet furniture, heavy drapes and plush carpeting or for the more modern look, stripped back floorboards, painted walls and funky artworks.

Don’t forget that your leather deserves a bit of care from time to time. – Make sure you use leather protection, and follow the manufacturer’s advice when cleaning. A traditional leather sofa is an investment for life and the more you look after it, the longer it’ll last!

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