Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist


Spring is finally upon us and that means a number of different things - uprooting your dark and dreary wardrobe for something much brighter and more pastel driven, the odd sunny day thrown in amongst the drizzle, and of course, the annual spring clean.

So why is it that we choose to give our houses a thorough clean after winter has come and gone? As soon as spring has sprung, people are struck with the urge to get the feather dusters out and rid their houses of the clutter, dust and dirt that has accumulated over the festive months. No more finding random dog hairs all over the place, no more creepy looking cobwebs hanging from corners of the room, and no more finding mouldy potatoes at the back of your larder because they've been stuck there since November and you kept buying new ones!

There are actually psychological benefits to spring cleaning, as well as the obvious health benefits. Cleaning up your work areas, for example, can boost your productivity in the long run. So here are our 50 tips to help make your home spick and span this spring!


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1. Start small. If you throw yourself in at the deep end from the word go then you’ll find yourself neck deep in pots, pans and the previously mentioned mouldy potatoes. Set yourself targets and do a cupboard at a time to cut down on anxieties and being overwhelmed.

2. Don’t forget to clean the ceilings and walls. It really doesn't seem all that obvious, so it’s understandable why people forget about them, but ceilings and walls gather dust too - just in different ways.

3. Doorknobs and cupboard handles. Easily missed, but when you’re grabbing onto them regularly, they also need cleaning every once in a while.

4. Cleaning the oven. When I moved out of my parents’ house, bright eyed and bushy tailed, I wasn't mentally prepared for the emotional drainage that comes with cleaning an oven.

My only advice here is baking soda and vinegar. Don’t ask me how and don’t ask me why, but this is oven cleaning magic right there at your fingertips. It’s completely safe, uses natural ingredients and it works like an absolute dream. It does take a little bit of time and effort, but get your marigolds out and your oven will be shining as if it was brand new in no time at all. There’s a handy step by step guide available here.

5. Clean out the fridge/freezer, and do it thoroughly. This one’s an important one. Your food is going to be stored in there after all, so for the sake of your health, make sure the job’s a good one! Throw out any out of date food, and take out drawers to be washed. Wipe down the sides of the fridge with warm, soapy water to make the insides dazzle.

6. Wash down your surfaces with a good quality surface cleaner. Make sure to get in all the nooks and crannies that you might usually miss.

7. Organise your cupboards. Sort your cupboards and throw out expired food. If there are tins of food which you know you’ll never eat, box them up for donation to a food bank. Wipe down all your shelves with warm, soapy water and return your food back to where it belongs. Top tip: take this time to write an inventory of everything you have!

8. Wipe down other appliances. Clean out kettles, toasters and microwaves. There’s a handy guide to de-scaling a kettle here.

9. Deep clean your stove top. Use a good quality kitchen cleaner for this one, and a heavy load of elbow grease. To tackle tougher stains, leave it to soak for a few minutes before wiping down.

10. Mop. Use diluted bleach to ensure that every last speck of dust is zapped away from wooden or linoleum floors. Carpeted floors should be vacuumed in much the same way.

Living Room

a green sofa is a fun pop of colourThe Lucca range at SofaSofa

Of all the rooms in your house, the living room is probably the one you spend the most time in. It’s fair to say that that probably means that it’s also the messiest.

11. Clean floors, ceilings, lights, lamps - anything you can see. Top tip: Sweeping floors, dusting the ceilings, light fittings and any lamps scattered around the room (as well as furniture) should be done before vacuuming to save time and energy. There’s no point vacuuming beforehand as more dust is going to accumulate from around the room, so you will have just wasted your precious time.

12. Wipe down your sofas. If you have a leather sofa, this one should be easy enough, and not at all time consuming. You can wipe down your sofa quickly and easily using a soft, damp cloth. Pay attention not to scrub at it as that could damage the leather.

Top tip: to keep them looking their best, sofas need regular maintenance and for a more thorough clean, you can apply a conditioning cream, such as the LeatherMaster protection cream, available to buy directly from us at SofaSofa. If you have a fabric sofa, maintenance is much the same. Vacuum between cushions and if the covers are removable, they can be washed as you would wash your clothes, with a good quality fabric detergent. Make sure to wash them at 30 degrees and dry them on the washing line to avoid tumble-drier shrinkage.

13. Move your furniture and clean underneath. Again, this might seem like a bit of a given, but you’d be surprised by how many people use the “if you can’t see it, it isn't there” argument…

14. Wash all linen. Cushion covers, curtains, table cloths, throws for the sofa. The works. Hang out to dry on the line.

15. Glass. Using white vinegar on glass windows and coffee table makes for streak and odour free cleaning.

16. Sort through DVDs, CDs and games. Throw out those you don’t play anymore, make sure the ones you do play are in the right boxes.

17. Toys. If you have kids, your living room has likely become a second-home for kiddie’s toys. Clean any plastic toys with warm, soapy water as they’re likely harvesting germs. Put any soft toys in the wash.

18. Ornaments. Ornaments gather dust like there’s no tomorrow. If you have to have them, make sure you keep on top of cleaning them or store them in ornament cabinets to ensure that the dust all stays in one place.

19. Vacuuming. Yep. Vacuuming again. But it really does need to be done. Don’t forget to vacuum high ceilings to get rid of any spider’s webs that have been spun up there.


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20. Showerhead. Fill a plastic bag with a solution made up of white vinegar and water and tie it around the nozzle of the showerhead. Run the water to rinse it off and hey presto, easy lime scale removal.

21. Get rid of Grout. Using an old toothbrush (or a new, unused one) rub bleach between gaps in tiles to get rid of discolouring and get rid of any bacteria that’s grown on the laid grout. Make sure you have any windows open while doing this as bleach can leave a nasty smell.

22. Tiles. Spray down your tiles with an all-purpose bathroom cleaner and wipe down with a clean, dry cloth. Only when the tiles are finished being cleaned should you mop the floor.

23. Toilet maintenance. A top tip for cleaning toilets is to use baking soda. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes or so, wipe around and then flush for easy stain removal. Follow up with bleach and your normal toilet cleaner for a thorough clean.

24. Unclogging drains. Baking soda is your best friend here as well. Sprinkle it down drains with white vinegar to unblock easily and efficiently. Find other great uses for baking soda here.

25. Sinks and bathtubs. Use disposable antibacterial wipes to get rid of dust and dirt. Don’t forget to wipe around the taps. Top tip: add a little baby oil to a soap dish to stop the soap from sticking and falling apart.

26. Mirrors and windows. Just like before, clean mirrors and glass windows with white vinegar and a microfibre cloth to avoid the dreaded streaky window.

27. Wash hand towels, bath sheets and bath mats. I shudder to think how much bacteria gets in a bath mat, so regular washing is essential. Throw bath sheets, hand towels and mats into a wash together and dry naturally for best results.

28. Organise your medicine cabinet. Get rid of old products which you never use and stock up on those that you do. Do you really need 5 bottles of different brands of conditioner? I didn't think so.

29. Freshen. Soak slices of lemon or orange in hot water run in the faucet to make a homemade and natural fragrance that’ll freshen your lovely clean bathroom up even more.


bedroom-405920_640Image Credit: JayMantri

30. Strip beds. Stripping beds should be done regularly, every few days at the very least. No one wants to sleep in their own skin cells and dirt, so keep on top of this all year round.

31. Organise wardrobes. A good old spring clean is the perfect opportunity to clear out your wardrobes of things you haven’t worn in years, but have kept on the off-chance that you’ll suddenly decide to at some point. Take things that are still reasonable quality to charity shops and do your bit for a good cause.

32. Move bed and clean out underneath. I don’t think I need to tell you that it’s miraculous what can appear under the bed. Hair grips, hair ties, make-up brushes, clothes you forgot you owned. You name it, it’s probably been there.

33. Throw out old toys and books. Similarly to the wardrobes issue, your kids probably have books and toys from their youth which are just gathering dust and taking up valuable room. Donate them to younger family members and friends with children or just take them to a charity shop.

34. Wash duvets and pillows. Take advantage of the idea of a good old fashion spring clean and get to those duvets and pillows. They definitely need it.

35. Get rid of any cosmetics that are out of date or you don’t use any more. Top tip: usually, cosmetics have their lifespan printed on the bottles. If you’ve been hoarding lippies for years, it’s probably time you got rid of them and replaced them with new ones.

36. Flip the mattress. Sleeping on a mattress in the same position every night for months at a time will wear it right out, so turn it over to double its lifespan.

37. Floors. Sweep, mop and then vacuum wooden floors, while vacuuming is enough for carpeted floors. Make sure to move out all furniture and use vacuum tools to get to tight places and across skirting boards.

38. Lighting. One of the most regularly forgotten things when doing a spring clean is the lighting. Don’t forget to polish lampshades and fan blades before you set upon cleaning the floors.

39. Freshen with candles and flowers. After slaving away for hours making your house look spiffing, you deserve a treat or two. Buy yourself some fancy candles and a beautiful arrangement of flowers and set them up in your bedroom to add home comforts and bring your lovely clean arrangement together.


lawnmower-384589_640Image Credit: Skitterphoto

40. Clean up leaves. If you have a leaf blower, fantastic! Easy job for you. If not, a rake and a brush and shovel make for a relatively quick clean up with fantastic end results.

41. Clean up your car. Not necessarily a home improvement, but cleaning your car inside and out will definitely make for brighter days.

42. Sweep porch, drive, and front garden. Basic maintenance of your garden will do absolute wonders for the overall appearance of your home.

43. Weed gardens. Just as is the case with number 42, looking after the outside of your home will improve the aesthetics of the entire house as a whole.

44. Clean front door mat. If you have a front door mat, giving that a good clean every once in a while would do the world of good to a messy house exterior. Shake off leaves and dry dirt and then vacuum.

45. Wash front door. Warm, soapy water and a sponge is all you need for this one. And Bob’s your uncle, the door almost looks brand new now! Don’t forget the doorknob, if you have one, or to polish the letterbox!

46. Repaint garden wall or the front gate. It’s always nice to put a fresh lick of paint on a house, but time is money so often it’s more than enough to just revitalise the front gate, or the wall surrounding your house. Get rid of old, flaky paint first with a wallpaper stripper or sandpaper and then paint over to freshen everything up.

47. Mow the lawn. If you have a garden lawn, give it a bit of TLC and mow it just in time for the spring months.

48. Jet spray paths. Use a hose with a high-powered nozzle to clean dirt off your front path. It’ll make the outside of your house look so much better!


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49. Recycle. Old books, newspapers, old clothes, everything is game in the world of recycling. Websites such as Freecycle offer your old belongings to those in need of them.

50. Take your time. Don’t attempt to do everything in one day. Listen to music while you clean. Do anything within your power to make it as much as an enjoyable experience as it possibly can be.



Hopefully these tips will come in handy when you’re doing your annual spring cleaning and you've learned some interesting tips for the future. Happy cleaning! 

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