Velvet Sofas


It’s official. Velvet sofas are back in fashion.

Belvedere range

Belvedere range from SofaSofa

After years of being considered a bit passé, this much derided fabric is back with a colourful bang. Gone are the heavy flock cut damask fabrics of old, replaced by simple plain and crushed velvets in a multitude of colours. From vibrant pinks to the more classic deep purples, velvet is the only way to go for many a discerning sofa fashionista.


Retro Yet Versatile


Malvern Velvet Sofa

Malvern range from SofaSofa

There is definitely a retro feel to the re-emergence of velvet as can be seen in the number of slouchy chesterfield sofas now carrying this wonderful fabric. But velvet’s re-emergence is not simply confined to the retrospective. Velvet is a very versatile fabric, equally at home on a large slouchy sofa or on a prim and proper lounge piece.


Important Characteristics of Velvet

Hampton Velvet Sofa

Hampton range from SofaSofa

If you do decide that a velvet sofa is for you, take a note of caution before you take the plunge. Plain velvets are particularly susceptible to shading, as the fabric fibres are crushed and swept in different directions with use.

Velvet is a ‘nap’ fabric and its pile will naturally take various directions dependent on use. Small markings can also occur when the pile have been compressed in a specific area.


Imperfections are Part of the Charm

For those in the know, imperfections are not just expected, but a desirable feature of velvet. Much the same as small scarring and imperfections in leather show the authenticity of the natural hide, variations in shade mark velvet apart from more ordinary fabrics.

Indeed many velvets are manufactured precisely with this crushed effect in mind. In the finishing process the fibre ends are raised to the surface and left upright giving the fabric a tonal effect as the fibres move in varying directions.


Warmth that’s Hard to Resist

Belvedere Velvet Sofa

Belvedere range from SofaSofa

The upside to all of this is a sumptuous, warm, embracing fabric that you will want to sink into time and again. Nothing really beats the softness and warmth of a good velvet and it is for this reason alone that it is back to stay.

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