Vintage Leather Sofas


Genuine vintage leather sofas can be expensive and hard to find. What alternatives are out there for lovers of the retro-cool leather look?

Vintage Leather Sofa

Chesterfield range from SofaSofa

Whether it’s fashion or furniture, vintage is all the rage nowadays – but that’s the problem. With so many people jumping on the vintage bandwagon, finding those rare retro gems just isn’t as easy as it used to be. Vintage furniture lovers can spend hours online searching various classified and auction sites before they find that ideal retro leather sofa, only to find they’ve been outbid by another vintage enthusiast.


What is a Vintage Lover to Do?

Is it possible for a dedicated retro devotee to find a leather sofa that can satisfy their nostalgic tendencies without costing them the earth? Sure it is - some times you can get lucky. But if you have spent some time scanning the market and can’t find anything affordable, the best option is probably to look for a remake or vintage-inspired design.

While some die-hard vintage fans would scoff at this suggestion, if they were to take a look at the market, they might be surprised by just how well some manufacturers have replicated the age-old classics.

Mezzo range

Mezzo range from SofaSofa

Distressed Leather is the Place to Start

If you have decided to bite the bullet and look for a remake, distressed leather is definitely the place to start. Treated to give the appearance of aging without compromising the integrity of the product, distressed leather provides that slightly weathered look that appeals to most vintage lovers.

Add a few features like hand studded back cushions and polished hard wood feet, and you have something that really looks the part. Sure it won’t fool the folks on Antiques Roadshow anytime soon, but distressed leather will definitely have the vibe that most vintage lovers are looking for.


Antique, Distressed, Vintage, or Saddle Leather?

There are many different techniques that can be applied to leather to give that all important aged look. It really depends on how distressed you want your sofa to look!

Antique 'rub off' leathers give that classic two tone colouration that is commonly used on button back sofas such as chesterfields. The top coat of the leather is removed in specific places and then sealed to create a worn effect.

Vintage, New England and Saddle leathers are pre-distressed at the tannery prior to upholstery and give a more uniform distressed look. There are many different names for distressed leather, which does make life a bit more confusing, so always get a sample swatch before making your decision.


Vintage Styles

There are many new sofas out there that manage to recapture the grace and flair of classic sofa styles with surprising accuracy.


Chesterfield designs have remained popular in Britain to this day and fans of this style will find themselves spoilt for choice. A chesterfield is a distinctive deep buttoned sofa with rolled arms and back that are of equal height. The style is usually upholstered in leather and often has a lower seat base.

Cambridge range

Cambridge range - a popular chesterfield design from SofaSofa


Camelback sofas are also widely available. The camelback style features an arched back that rises to a prominent point in the middle and usually also has scrolled arms. Leather camelback designs frequently include buttoned back rests, hardwood feet and other desirable vintage characteristics.

Regent range

Regent range - a popular camelback design from SofaSofa

There are many other hip new sofa designs out there that borrow from the trends of the past, including 1930s-style club sofas, art deco influenced models and the davenport styles favoured in the 50s and 60s.


Combining the Old with the New

There are also many new sofas available that combine a vintage aesthetic with modern functionality, like a fold out sofa bed. Aside from price, this is one area a new vintage-inspired design can actually excel over a genuine vintage sofa!

Chesterfield Leather Sofa Bed

Chesterfield sofa bed from SofaSofa


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