Weird & Wonderful Things Hiding Down Your Sofa


SofaSofa is so proud of its top-quality UK manufactured sofa frames, that we offer a five year frame guarantee on everything.

On the odd occasion, when a sofa needs to come back to us, our upholsterers have found some hidden gems down the back.

Read on to find out our top 10 finds.


Loose Change

Stack of 15 one pound coins

 (Image: Pexels)


We’ve never found any notes, but there’s always loads of pennies hiding down the back of sofas.

Never scoff at finding a penny though – as the old saying goes, ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’.



Empty Sweet Wrappers

Quality Street Confectionary

 (Image: Pixabay)


There isn’t a more perfect place for little hands to hide their empty sweet wrappers!

Sometimes we even find the odd sweet, but our upholsterers like to keep in shape, so they don’t eat them. Honest!



Remote Control

Remote Control on Top of Magazine

(Image: Pixabay)


We’ve lost count of the number of remote controls we’ve had returned to us.

If it’s been a few weeks of you having to get up and manually turn the TV over – sorry!



Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone

(Image: Pexels)


We don’t get as many phones as we used to, probably because we’re never off them!

However, there’s been quite a few over the years.




2 Rotten Bananas

(Image: Pixabay)


Not our most favourite of things to find, but coming across an old bit of food isn’t a total surprise.

After all, it’s almost the death of the dining table, as the majority of us would rather be gobbling down our meals in front of the TV.




Pink Lipstick

(Image: Pixabay)


Strangely enough we’ve seen quite a collection of make-up over the years.

Lipstick seems to be the most popular item, and pink is a particular favourite.




Green Baby Dummy

(Image: Pixabay)


Attention parents!

Next time you’re frantically searching for a dummy in the middle of the night, look down the back of your sofa – as you’ll be sure to find one there.





 (Image: Pixabay)



Bracelets, necklaces and backs of earrings are also amongst our finds.

We haven’t come across a bag of diamonds yet, but we live in hope!


Pet Hairs

Grey Dog Laying on Sofa

 (Image: Pixabay)


Anyone with a furry friend will know it’s a constant battle to banish those pesky pet hairs.

Down the back of the sofa and underneath seat cushions is a favourite place for them to gather.

We don’t hold it against them though – how could we?




Cross Necklace on Christening Dress

 (Image: Pixabay)


Perhaps our most favourite find to date is a christening bracelet which the owner had been searching for months.

She was delighted when we rang to tell her we’d discovered it, and it brought a glow to our heart knowing how happy we’d made her feel.


Tell Us What's in Your Sofa

No matter what we discover down the back of any sofa, with the exception of sweet wrappers and half-eaten food, it is always returned to the rightful owner.

Have a little look down your sofa today and let us know what weird and wonderful things you find!

Posted in Sofas on 19th Feb 2018


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