What Makes a Comfortable Sofa Bed?


Ever invited your friends over for a late meal or drinks, only to guiltily lead them to a knackered old pull-out bed at the end of the night? Unfortunately, a bad night’s sleep could undo all your fantastic hosting skills by the morning!

As a host, it’s easy to overlook the comfort level of your guest bed - after all, you never have to actually sleep on it. All is not lost though. Hopefully by reading our guide on what makes a comfortable sofa bed, a crisis will be averted, and a new sofa bed bought just in time for their next visit.

How to Choose a Comfortable Sofa Bed

delgb_elbiElgar Sofabed in Whateley Biscuit

Chances are, if your guests are sleeping on a sofa bed it means you haven’t got a spare bedroom - so a new sofa bed will be more than just somewhere for them to doze on when they miss the last train. It’s important to choose a model that looks just as good as a sofa as it does a sofa bed, and that will fit in with your existing décor.

You also need to ensure the model is going to work in the space you have. Is it going to be housed in an office where you may need a more compact design with clean lines, or is it going into a family room, in which case you’ll need to consider sturdy cushions and a durable fabric choice?

Choosing a sofa bed with removable covers can give you the option of updating your room without the expense of buying another sofa. It’s also good to have a spare set in case your guests turn up unexpectedly and you need to have a quick freshen up.

It’s also important to choose a sofa bed that’s easy to use as well as sturdy, so that your guests will feel confident when using it – the last thing you want is your visitors afraid to move a muscle in case something breaks!

And make sure you work within your budget.  If the sofa bed is going to be hidden away in a spare room, ask yourself - is it really worth spending a small fortune? On the other hand, if the sofabed is doubling up as a new feature sofa, then it might be better to splurge on a sleek design that will stand the test of time. Once you’ve found that perfect match, you may even find yourself making excuses for guests stay later - just to show off your new purchase!


4 Features to Look for in a Sofa Bed

kwobb_wbgyWoburn Sofabed in Grey

For occasional sleepovers, a standard bed action will suit your requirements perfectly. Look out for these following 4 factors when making your decision:

  • Strength

For strength and durability, you should look out for a steel tubed sprung frame which has been proven to last for years to come. You want your bed mechanism to last as long as the sofa itself, and accommodate your guests for as long as needed (but only as long as you want, or they may never want to leave).

  • Support

A 188cm x 119cm polypropylene base supported by steel springs will provide a good foundation. You won’t have to worry about any slats creaking or snapping, and a quiet night can be had by all.

  • Comfort

Whilst there’s nothing as comfortable as your own bed, a 4cm foam mattress will go some way to tick off the comfort box, and ensure a good night’s sleep.

  • Ease of Use

Nobody wants a struggle when it’s time to snuggle! A three-fold bed action which sits under the seats cushions out of sight can be put up and down in no time.


Need something beefier?

nhfdb_hfmo_2Hartford Sofabed in Mocha

If you’re extremley popular, or maybe your sofa actually doubles up as your regular place to sleep, you’re going to need a more robust sofa bed.  If this is the case then choosing a bed action which is a little more generous in size will fit the bill.

Measuring the same size as a double bed, 136cm wide, (that’s 4’6” in old money), it will easily allow enough space for two people, or provide generous starfishing space if you’re sleeping solo. A fully sprung 8cm mattress will give that all important extra bounce factor, and the base benefits from having wooden slats in addition to elasic webbing.



With these tips, you should be feeling more confident about buying your new sofa bed. Don’t be afraid to try a few out beforehand - just be careful not to fall asleep in the showroom!

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