Which Sofa Best Suits Your Personality & Lifestyle?


Are you on the lookout for a new sofa? What’s that you say, you’re just going to buy the cheapest one you can find? Stop! Forgive me for being dramatic, but the sofa you choose has the power to greatly influence your life. It’s not quite One Ring to Rule Them All, but it’s pretty close.

After all, every day when you arrive home from work, your sofa is there to offer a comfortable rest. When your friends come over to visit, it’s the sofa where you’ll sit and chat. And it’s there where you and your partner (or pet) will snuggle up on an evening.

With that in mind, it’s pretty important that your sofa matches up to your personality and lifestyle. Here, I’ve rounded up a few sofas that fit various personality types. Which one are you?

1. The Old Romantic


If your idea of a Hollywood heartthrob is more Clark Gable or Errol Flynn than Ryan Gosling, then the Hampton is the sofa for you. Upholstered in dreamy velvet chenille and featuring romantic soft curves on its back, this is the perfect sofa to lounge on while you watch your favourite leading men dazzle on the silver screen.

The moulded foam cushions feature duck feather casing, so they’ll feel as soft as your dream man’s kisses, and the rolled arms and buttoned back give the sofa a beautifully traditional look.

2. The Nature Lover


Do you prefer to be outside rather than in? Is there nothing you’d rather do on a Sunday morning than go for a five mile hike around the countryside? Then choose the Tetbury. Fully upholstered in a floral cotton blend linen fabric, this sofa brings the outside in, adding a light and airy feel to any room.

The duck feather back cushions will help to soothe your muscles after a long walk in the woods, and the delightful floral design will make nature lovers feel right at home.

3. The Mad Men Fan

Cleo Sofa

Did you decide that you were born in the wrong era after watching just one episode of this 1960s-based drama? You’re not alone. If the chic clothing wasn’t enough of a reason to want to build a time machine and travel back to 1962, then the gorgeous furniture definitely was.

Thankfully, you can add a piece of Mad Men style to your home without having to figure out time travel. The Cleo range features the boxy, clean lines of Don Draper’s sofa, but with added modern comfort in the form of moulded form seat cushions, heavy gauge seat springs, and a luxurious cord chenille upholstery.

4. The Bachelor

Consort Sofa

A bachelor pad should feature effortlessly chic furniture and décor, which is simple yet elegant. The Consort range would work perfectly. Upholstered in leather that has been carefully rubbed back to highlight the appearance of ageing, this sofa looks like an antique, but feels incredibly comfortable thanks to its injection-moulded foam seat cushions and heavy gauge springs.

If you are looking for love, then this sofa will show off your chic tastes; but be careful to make sure that your new love interest wants you, not just your sofa.

5. The Antique Lover

vintage chesterfield

If you’re always heading to a vintage fair or antiques stall to see what pieces of the past you can discover, then the Vintage Chesterfield is bound to suit your style. A classic sofa that will never go out of fashion, our Vintage Chesterfield range is available in both vintage and antiqued leather, carefully rubbed to create an aged look.

What makes our Vintage Chesterfield a really great option, though, is how comfortable it is. Injection moulded seat cushions and heavy gauge springs offer a soft yet supportive seat; and the hand studded front facings look divine.

6. The Family

Clarence Sofa

If you’ve got little ones, then you’ll need a sofa that will accommodate the whole family for film night. The Clarence is a great option. Available in two, three and four seater options, the Clarence is a squishy, soft sofa that all of the family will love.

What’s more, the cushion fabrics are fully removable and washable at 30°C, so you don’t need to panic if the kids spill anything – which means you really can relax. Put your feet up, you deserve it!

7. The City Dweller

Domino Sofa

If you’re always dashing from work to the bar, then from the bar to the theatre, and not returning home until the wee hours of the morning, then you need a sofa that fits in with your fast-paced city lifestyle. The Domino is perfect.

Simple yet chic, the Domino features fully removable machine washable outer covers, so there’s no need to worry if you have a wild party. Available in a range of colours, this sofa offers a no muss, no fuss option with its clean lines and modern shape.

8. The Trendy Couple

Hardy Sofa

If you’ve just moved into your first home with your significant other, then you’ll need to make a joint decision about which sofa to choose. And this is a big decision. Thankfully, the Hardy is a range that both of you are bound to fall in love with.

Featuring moulded foam seat cushions and soft-grain leather upholstery, the Hardy is incredibly comfortable. What makes it so special, though, is the shape – classic rolled arms meet hardwood feet and a slightly curved back, which will work beautifully in a traditional room, but would look equally gorgeous in a more modern setting.

The Hardy is also available in a two seater option – great if it’s just the two of you who need to snuggle up in front of the TV.

9. The Minimalist

Marino Sofa

Prefer a pared down look in your home? Are you the sort of person who limits themselves to three ornaments per room? The Marino is the sofa for you. Featuring a sleek, clean design and gleaming chrome feet, the sofa still manages to remain inviting with its moulded foam seat cushions and soft-grain leather.

Alongside the two and three seater sofas, the Marino range also features an incredibly stylish swivel chair and swivel footstool, both of which are mounted on a chrome base. The range is also available in a minimalist monochrome palette – choose from black or white for an understated look.

10. The Netflix Addict

Banbury Sofa

We’ve all been there – five episodes into House of Cards and despite the fact that it’s getting dangerously close to sunrise, we just can’t stop watching. If that sounds like you, then you need a sofa that will work hard to keep you comfortable when you’re enjoying a TV marathon. The Banbury will do just that.

Featuring squishy hollowfill fibre seat and back cushions, this sofa is super comfortable, and available in a three seater option so that you can really stretch out. And if you fall asleep and spill your hot chocolate on the sofa, don’t worry – the polycotton covers are fully removable and machine washable.


Which sofa best suits your personality? Or has your dream sofa been missed off this list? There are plenty more types to choose from in the SofaSofa collection, so you may just discover your perfect match if you have a browse.

The most important thing is that your sofa feels right to you – maybe you feel like an Old Romantic, but you actually prefer the clean lines of the Minimalist. Everyone is different, so choose the sofa that works best in your living space, and feels great when you need to relax. Happy sofa hunting!

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