White Sofas


White sofas might put you in mind of a James Bond-esque pad, but when you dress a white sofa with the right accessories and team it with the right furnishings, it can make a room feel any way you want it to – bright and fresh, cool and contemporary, and even warm and cosy.

White Sofa

Marino 3 Seater Leather Sofa from SofaSofa

 Of course a white sofa may not be the most practical of purchases. If you have children, you’ll probably find it more than a little bit tricky to keep clean. Instead consider an off white natural fabric with removable covers that can be chucked in the washing machine. Either way, there are plenty of options, whatever your stylistic preferences.

Decorating with White

Bright white on bright white, with extra bright white accessories, will just look cold and clinical. For the look to be successful, you’ll need to mix up the shades of white – a little bit of off-white, a little bit of bright white, or some whites with a hint of colour. Perhaps add an echo of pale blue, a smidgen of very slight grey and a hint of taupe too. Never beige though. Never!

You’ll also need to mix up your fabrics, too – butter-soft leather, suede, sheepskin, rough hessian fabrics and soft cottons will all work together beautifully, creating interesting variations in tone and texture to the room.

White Sofa 2

Berkeley 3 Seater Sofa from SofaSofa

Another way to add dimension to the space is with subtly patterned wallpapers. A slightly metallic stripe, or a damask pattern with a slight sheen can help to make the room feel cosy.

Wooden floors always look beautiful with creams, whites and pale greys, especially in period properties, but if you prefer the feeling of something warm and fluffy between your toes, go for a plush pale carpet instead or oversized rug.

Modern or Traditional

White is firmly in the modern camp when it comes to furnishing colours. In fact it is probably THE colour when it comes to ultra-modern upholstery design. If you’re after a traditional look then it’s probably best to choose a richer colour or at least a pale neutral. If you’re trying to create an contemporary look, choose a sofa with clean lines and sharp edges. Team with sanded and varnished wooden floors and glass furniture. Opt for either clear glass or black and chrome glass coffee tables and television units and a few bright pops of colour here and there. A splash of orange, a pop of green, a hint of bright turquoise – all colours that will work brilliantly with the bright white canvas of the room.

White Sofa 3

Ascot 3 Seater Sofa from SofaSofa

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