Club Chairs

Club Chairs

Originating in France at the start of the 20th Century, club chairs were initially found predominantly in gentlemen’s clubs (hence the name!). Over the years, the charm of the old style French leather club chair has become famous worldwide and we now see them everywhere from the lounge room to the local pub.

Our club chairs are built using hardwood frames sourced from sustainable European forests, and we provide a 2 year parts and 5 year frame warranty on every one free of charge.

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  1. Elgar Tub Chair
    Elgar Tub Chair

    Just £269

  2. Chesterfield Vintage Leather Club Chair
    Chesterfield Vintage Leather Club Chair

    Just £1,219

  3. Chesterfield Vintage Leather Milton Chair
    Chesterfield Vintage Leather Milton Chair

    Just £1,159

  4. Raglan Armchair
    Raglan Armchair

    Just £399

  5. Albany Club Chair
    Albany Club Chair

    Just £379

  6. Cambridge Leather Club Chair
    Cambridge Leather Club Chair

    Just £1,039

  7. Chesterfield Leather Club Chair
    Chesterfield Leather Club Chair

    Just £889

  8. Westminster Leather Club Chair
    Westminster Leather Club Chair

    Just £679

  9. Winchester Leather Club Chair
    Winchester Leather Club Chair

    Just £679

9 Items

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Just because the club chair originated in the grand old clubs of Paris doesn’t mean you have to be all ‘la-di-da’ to own one. In fact they are very popular pieces and sit perfectly in rooms as diverse as student digs and grand old stately mansions. So whether you’re teaming one up with a classic chesterfield sofa or just as an eclectic single statement piece, the club chair has broad appeal.

And its appeal doesn’t just begin and end with looks. Club chairs are intricately designed pieces requiring seriously impressive upholstery skills to create, particularly when it comes to the deep buttoned variety.