Leather Footstools

Leather Footstools

From a classic Queen Anne buttoned footstool to practical storage stools, we have a great range of gorgeous leather footstools. So whether you are after our petite Canterbury footstool or you prefer something more modern like our sleek Malmo leather footstool on tall hard wood tapered legs, there is plenty to choose from.

Good news! All our leather footstools are now available in all leather types: antique, vintage and softgrain.
If you can't find the one you are looking for, just give us a call on 01495 244226.

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  1. Scala Leather Footstool
    Scala Leather Footstool

    Was £399 Sale £299

  2. Marino Leather Lounge Footstool
    Marino Leather Lounge Footstool

    Was £259 Sale £189

  3. Malmo Leather Footstool
    Malmo Leather Footstool

    Was £229 Sale £169

  4. Sienna Leather Footstool
    Sienna Leather Footstool

    Was £299 Sale £199

  5. Aspen Leather Storage Stool
    Aspen Leather Storage Stool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  6. Cambridge Leather Storage Stool
    Cambridge Leather Storage Stool

    Was £399 Sale £299

  7. Canterbury Leather Footstool
    Canterbury Leather Footstool

    Was £249 Sale £189

  8. Consort Leather Footstool
    Consort Leather Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  9. Marlow Leather Storage Stool
    Marlow Leather Storage Stool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  10. Queen Anne Leather Footstool
    Queen Anne Leather Footstool

    Was £239 Sale £179

  11. Queen Anne Leather Bench Stool
    Queen Anne Leather Bench Stool

    Was £279 Sale £209

  12. Regent Leather Footstool
    Regent Leather Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  13. Senator Leather Storage Stool
    Senator Leather Storage Stool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  14. Mezzo Leather Footstool
    Mezzo Leather Footstool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  15. Marino Leather Footstool
    Marino Leather Footstool

    Was £499 Sale £369

  16. Hardy Leather Footstool
    Hardy Leather Footstool

    Was £309 Sale £231

  17. Darcy Footstool
    Darcy Footstool

    Was £389 Sale £289

  18. Vintage Chesterfield Leather Footstool
    Vintage Chesterfield Leather Footstool

    Was £389 Sale £279

  19. Vintage Chesterfield Leather Benchstool
    Vintage Chesterfield Leather Benchstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  20. Burlington Storage Stool
    Burlington Storage Stool

    Was £439 Sale £329

  21. Wilmington Leather Storage Stool
    Wilmington Leather Storage Stool

    Was £399 Sale £299

  22. Portofino Footstool
    Portofino Footstool

    Was £219 Sale £164

  23. Monk Leather Footstool
    Monk Leather Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  24. Hudson Footstool
    Hudson Footstool

    Was £309 Sale £229

  25. Henry Footstool
    Henry Footstool

    Was £379 Sale £279

  26. Earl Footstool
    Earl Footstool

    Was £269 Sale £199

  27. Lincoln Footstool
    Lincoln Footstool

    Was £409 Sale £309

  28. Button Box Storage Stool
    Button Box Storage Stool

    Was £399 Sale £299

28 Items

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All SofaSofa leather footstools are made using a hardwood frame and come with our 21 day no quibble guarantee, so if you decide your new footstool isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can swap it for another design or ask for your money back in full. No quibble.

From Antique brown to contemporary softgrain cream, all our leathers are sourced with great care and we only use top grain leather from our tannery in Northern Italy to upholster our footstools. So whether you choose an antique gold button box or a New England Aspen storage stool, you are guaranteed a leather footstool that will give you years of enjoyment.

If you’re looking for a leather footstool that is as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing, we also sell a variety of leather footstools with inbuilt storage space, providing a handy place for remote controls, magazines, throws, scatters and the odd lost sock.