Modern Sofas

Modern Sofas

Sofa tastes in Britain are definitely becoming more and more adventurous since we began upholstering back in the early eighties. Whilst traditional shapes remain enduringly popular, more modern designs have undoubtedly grown in popularity.

In response we’ve added a range of modern shapes and contemporary fabrics and colours to our range which hopefully you’ll love!

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  1. Banbury 3 Seater Sofa
    Banbury 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £759 Sale £569

  2. Poppy 2 Seater Sofa
    Poppy 2 Seater Sofa

    Was £539 Sale £399

  3. Poppy 3 Seater Sofa
    Poppy 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £629 Sale £469

  4. Poppy Midi Sofa
    Poppy Midi Sofa

    Was £589 Sale £439

  5. Poppy Armchair
    Poppy Armchair

    Was £399 Sale £299

  6. Poppy Chaise Option 1
    Poppy Chaise Option 1

    Was £1,029 Sale £769

  7. Poppy Chaise Option 2
    Poppy Chaise Option 2

    Was £1,029 Sale £769

  8. Sophia 3 Seater Sofa
    Sophia 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £579 Sale £429

  9. Monaco Grand Sofa
    Monaco Grand Sofa

    Was £509 Sale £379

  10. Elgar 3 Seater Sofa
    Elgar 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £539 Sale £399

  11. Lucca 3 Seater Sofa
    Lucca 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £579 Sale £429

  12. Monaco 3 Seater Sofa
    Monaco 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £459 Sale £339

  13. Hobbs 3 Seater Sofa
    Hobbs 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £999 Sale £749

  14. Madrid 3 Seater Sofa
    Madrid 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £499 Sale £369

  15. Charlotte 3 Seater Sofa
    Charlotte 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £789 Sale £589

  16. Albany 3 Seater Sofa
    Albany 3 Seater Sofa

    Was £669 Sale £499

16 Items

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With living spaces becoming smaller, more ergonomically shaped sofas have come into their own. Modern box arm shapes such as the Cleo and Domino are perfect for fitting into tight spaces, while at the same time providing ample seating space. Many of these compact creations can also be ordered as a sofa bed, adding another dimension to your room.

Legs certainly play a big part when it comes to modern sofa designs. Slightly raised and tapered or turned legs such as on the Monaco or the Lucca have become increasingly popular. And of course if you’re after something ultra modern, consider the addition of chrome legs on the Marino.

Whether you are looking for a modern leather or fabric sofa, you can really go wild when it comes to choosing colour. Brighten up your room with adventurous colours such as mustard, fuschia, or apple green, or perhaps something a little more calming like a light grey or pastel.