Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

Perfect for the occasional overnight guest, a sofa bed is a brilliantly versatile alternative to a standard sofa.

Available in leather, fabric or loose cover options, at SofaSofa we offer both an occasional and regular use alternative.

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  1. Belvedere Sofabed
    Belvedere Sofabed

    Was £1,139 Sale £849

  2. Grosvenor Sofabed
    Grosvenor Sofabed

    Was £1,159 Sale £869

  3. Montana Sofabed
    Montana Sofabed

    Was £759 Sale £569

  4. Wentworth Sofabed
    Wentworth Sofabed

    Was £949 Sale £709

  5. Hartford Sofabed
    Hartford Sofabed

    Was £1,199 Sale £899

  6. Newport Sofabed (Stripe)
    Newport Sofabed (Stripe)

    Was £799 Sale £599

  7. Woburn Sofabed
    Woburn Sofabed

    Was £919 Sale £689

  8. Palma Sofabed
    Palma Sofabed

    Was £669 Sale £499

  9. Wallace Sofabed
    Wallace Sofabed

    Was £709 Sale £529

  10. Richmond Sofabed
    Richmond Sofabed

    Was £1,059 Sale £789

  11. Warwick Sofabed
    Warwick Sofabed

    Was £999 Sale £749

  12. Elton Sofabed Unit
    Elton Sofabed Unit

    Was £939 Sale £699

  13. Amalfi Sofabed
    Amalfi Sofabed

    Was £779 Sale £579

  14. Portofino Sofabed
    Portofino Sofabed

    Was £1,299 Sale £969

  15. Denver Sofabed
    Denver Sofabed

    Was £869 Sale £649

  16. Footstool Bed
    Footstool Bed

    Was £399 Sale £299

  17. Chesterfield Leather Sofabed
    Chesterfield Leather Sofabed

    Was £1,749 Sale £1,239

  18. Rio Sofabed
    Rio Sofabed

    Was £739 Sale £549

  19. Scala Leather Sofabed
    Scala Leather Sofabed

    Was £1,339 Sale £999

  20. Mezzo Leather Sofabed
    Mezzo Leather Sofabed

    Was £1,269 Sale £949

  21. Barolo Sofabed
    Barolo Sofabed

    Was £759 Sale £569

  22. Elgar Sofabed
    Elgar Sofabed

    Was £739 Sale £549

  23. Monaco Sofabed
    Monaco Sofabed

    Was £629 Sale £469

  24. Banbury Sofabed
    Banbury Sofabed

    Was £939 Sale £699

  25. Malmo Leather Sofabed
    Malmo Leather Sofabed

    Was £1,139 Sale £849

  26. Sienna Leather Sofabed
    Sienna Leather Sofabed

    Was £939 Sale £699

  27. Albany Sofabed
    Albany Sofabed

    Was £799 Sale £599

  28. Charlotte Sofabed
    Charlotte Sofabed

    Was £909 Sale £679

  29. Amelia Sofabed
    Amelia Sofabed

    Was £669 Sale £499

  30. Madrid Sofabed
    Madrid Sofabed

    Was £669 Sale £499

Items 1 to 30 of 32

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Occasional Use Sofa Beds

Since we started manufacturing sofa beds we have only used one patented design mechanism. This steel tubed steep sprung design has certainly stood the test of time and we have yet to find a better occasional sofa bed mechanism. We are so happy with it that we offer a 2 year guarantee on all parts as standard.

Ideal for the occasional sleepover, our standard sofa bed measures 119cm by 188cm. To minimize lumps and bumps it includes a foam mattress and a polypropylene base supported by steel springs attached to a heavy duty steel tubed frame.

The sofa bed mechanism is very easy to use and only takes three ‘folds’ to assemble. Always remember to lift from the front handle and fold out to avoid any unnecessary strain to you or the mechanism!

Regular Use Sofa Beds

If you are the generous type and don't mind your guests staying for more than the occasional night, why not consider a regular use sofa bed? Slightly wider at 136cm our regular use bed is available on our Elton and Hartford ranges. They benefit from wooden slats and a fully sprung mattress for many nights of blissful sleep. So comfortable in fact, your guests might want to stay longer…